EvilFeed (beta)

Providing safe access to the Axis of Evil since 2010

About Us

EvilFeed seeks to bring images from the darkest, most virus-ridden corners of the Axis of Evil into your world, without exposing you to all of the risks and dangers inherent on sites run by rogue states.

Images like this one, which brings us mirth and joy. And an opportunity to mock these rogue leaders as often as we can.

We'd like to think we're doing you a public service by allowing you to laugh, without having to worry about whether or not your computer's been infected.

As to how we bring these photos to you, we'll leave that up to mostly speculation. Just let us say that, considering how badly rogue nations are behaving in the modern world, our complete and utter lack of respect for their copyright laws is more than justified.

So sit back, check out what's on the menu, and enjoy!