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ISNA: The Islamic Students News Agency

The most prolific of the Iranian news sources, ISNA offers a student-centered window into the world ruled by the iron fist of the Mullahocracy. (The "students" in question being pre-approved supporters of the Regime, that is.)

FARS: Fars News Agency

This agency only dates back a few years, and tends to focus on live news in and around Iran.

PIRI: President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

An extremely high-resolution feed of the world's favorite midget!

MEHR: Mehr News Agency

A private news agency focusing on Iranian culture and daily life.

ILDR: Office of the Iranian Leader (and KHIR: Khamenei.ir)

Leading the cause of world terror since 1979!

SANA: Syrian Arabic News Agency

The official propaganda outlet of the Syrian dictatorship.

GV: Goberniero de Venezeula

The official photo feed of Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan thug and mentor to Barack Obama's staff.

EAQB: Ezzadin al-Qassam Brigades

The press service of the "militant" arm of the Hamas terrorist group. Not to be confused with DatingTerrorists.com, from which most of the photos appear to come.

CD: Cubadebate

These cheerleaders for Cuban dictatorship love telling the world how terrible the old Estados Unidos is.

JUVEN: Juventud Rebelde

Fidel Castro blogs for this official Communist newspaper during his post-alive days. They're always good for a "Death to America" or two.

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