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Cross Returned to Wren Chapel?

Sanctity restored? How about sanity?
It seems that the news today is that the Board of Regents at the College of William & Mary have decided to return the Cross to Wren Chapel, as a part of a display indicating the Anglican history of the College. While it's not optimal, it is in keeping with treating the site as a very important "living" museum, and so I do applaud the move. I'm not sure there were glass boxes to display things in back in the 18th century, but hey, I'll take a small victory over a bigger loss any day!

One wonders if this had anything to do with the $12 million that was withheld for President Nichol's recent action. Money speaks, and all?

Either way, my hat's off to the College for finally doing something approaching the right thing!

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Thanks to Ace for the laugh: Jesus Rays, indeed!

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#1 Ace of Spades HQ 07-Mar-2007
...but kept behind glass for safety reasons, to protect visitors to the Anglican chapel from harmful levels of "Jesus Rays."...
#2 Conservative Outpost 07-Mar-2007
Yes, there is a cure for's called M-O-N-E-Y. From Fox News: A compromise announced today will permanently return a brass cross to the chapel at the College of William and Mary in a prominent display rather than its previous...
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