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A man watches footage of a meeting between Cuba's President Fidel Castro and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez last month showed on a Cuban TV in Havana, Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007. Cuban leader Fidel Castro called in to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's radio talk show on Tuesday, declaring he's 'more energetic, stronger' and his country is running smoothly without him at the helm.(AP Photo/ Javier Galeano)

Surprise, surprise! Fidel Castro has popped up on fellow dictator Hugo Chavez's (who else?) radio show. Does this mean he's genuinely still not dead? Or is Hugo just dancing for the cameras yet again?

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#1 Roger+Williams 02-Mar-2007
Before you know it, Chavez will be going on the air to dismiss "rumors" of Castro's hospitalization at any point as a filthy, imperialist lie.

You know, I'm almost glad we still have Castro and Chavez kicking around, because it was so much fun watching the Soviets fumble their clumsy propaganda attempts.
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