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Morning Must-Read

Oof, that hurts the team!

Now, about those magic carbon-offset indulgences the folks on the left are championing with great fervor. You know they're hot—they were included in the "presenter's thank you gifts" at this week's Oscar telecast:

The [gift offsets] "are enough to balance out an average year in the life of an Academy Award presenter," a press release from TerraPass asserts. "For example, 100,000 pounds is the total amount of carbon dioxide created by 20,000 miles of driving, 40,000 miles on commercial airlines, 20 hours in a private jet and a large house in Los Angeles. The greenhouse gas reductions will be accomplished through TerraPass' [program] of verified wind energy, cow power [collecting methane from manure] and efficiency projects." Voila, guilt-free consumption! It reminds us of the era when rich Catholics paid the church for "dispensations" that would shorten their terms in Purgatory. (H/T Larwyn)

So, TerraPass does what, exactly? Collects money, issues these certificates and then—funds wind farms and such? Is that it? Where, exactly? Not Nantucket, we know, but where? Does anyone know how much money is going into offsets and how much real alternative energy is being produced or how much tree-planting or flurescent bulb-buying is going on? I haven't been able to access, so we'll have to find out when the site comes back up. Who runs that joint, anyway? Shouldn't we be "following the money" a little—make sure it's all for real—before we buy all this eco-jazz hook, line and sinker? Shouldn't someone in the press be looking at this, even just a little? We're talking about potentially an awful lot of money with apparently no one asking a single question.

As usual, the right-hand side of the blogosphere is alone in asking the "5 W's." Critical thought, as usual, is still not welcome on the left, who collectively are more than happy to accept whatever the Environmental "Fundies" (to use a derogatory term invented by those bigoted lefties) tell them, without question!

Alas, it's much easier to unquestionably follow than to think for one's self, isn't it?


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