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Water: Still Wet

Sky: Still Blue

Denmark: Still caving in to their new overlords.

Oh yeah, and another "Quiet Riot" goes completely ignored by most of the press.

So what else is new?



#1 forest 01-Mar-2007
Vague reporting from Europe again...

It looks like the building was occupied mainly by rocker/artist/moonbats, but it's impossible to tell from the articles. The AlJazeera write up has a photo showing black-clothes types crowding around the building, but it also adds this:

" *Foreign* *activists*

Danish police were also reported to be monitoring border crossings with Sweden and Germany after squatters used a website to called for foreign activists to come and help.

In the southwestern Swedish city of *Malmo* , three men were arrested, suspected of heading to Copenhagen to join the protests, Merima Lulic, a spokeswoman for the Swedish police, said.

She said the men were in possession of *explosive* *materials* , but that it was not immediately clear what kind of *explosive* *material* they were carrying.

"You could tell they were on their way to start riots," Lulic said."

Activists from Malmo with explosive material? hmmmm.

It also looks like the property owner is a Christian organization that intends to tear it down and build a church: from Bloomburg:

"In 2000, the city sold the center, a forum for alternative music and art, to a Christian group that plans to tear it down and build a church."

It's hard to say for sure if the RoP is involved, but I'm sure they won't be happy about uppity dhimmis trying to build a new church.
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