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Religion Masquerading as Science


Bible-thumpers and non-religious right-wingers have found common ground in many ways—kneejerk nationalism, the belief that might makes right, the worship of cartoonish masculinity—but it's safe to say that they have very divergent opinions on sexual ethics. Or, more succiently [sic], the fundies aren't going to be f**king in public anytime soon. If you are a religious wingnut, the main way you demonstrate your Sexual Dominance by having a cringing Stepford wife follow you around. But there's no reason to think that Bolton is a born-again, so why not just bully his wife into sex acts that scare and upset her?

"Not" Hypocrisy:
The very notion that Gore is a hypocrite when the issue is something that has nothing to do with personal virtue and everything to do with collective action just goes to show how badly it f**ks people up when religion and politics get intertwined. This also shows the profound difference between the right and the left's version of when government interference is justified.

Kinda like when you went after Ted Haggard for his lack of "personal virtue," huh?

Here's a little hint, Amanda: You didn't see a single one of us "wing-nuts" lining ourselves up like dumb, idiotic lemmings to defend Haggard against the cries of hypocrisy from the Left, because (and I'm only speaking in my own capacity here) we agree that the charge is valid. Nevermind that his aforementioned lapse of "private virtue" had nothing to do with his public (and "collectively-acting") ministry, if I may borrow a page from your Bible of Defending Bill Clinton.

And they say that radical environmentalism is not a religion... Obviously, all of these shrill leftists who are SHOCKED! and APPALLED! that those of us on the right would have the sheer audacity ("Like, Ohmigod?") to call Al "The Boreacle" Gore a hypocrite seem to have forgotten their own shrill cries of hypocrisy over the years.

The shoe really does hurt when it's put on the other foot, doesn't it?

Quoth Napoleon Dynamite, "Idiots!"


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