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Is this another sign of Fidel Castro's demise?

Alejandro Castro, son of the Cuban President Fidel Castro, smokes a cigar during the final dinner of the Festival IX Cuban Cigars Festival in Havana. Communist Cuba's annual dabble in the free market brought in 700,000 dollars for five lots of cigar-filled humidors -- though for the first time none were signed by Fidel Castro.(AFP/Adalberto Roque)

Update: Haha, I just noticed Roger Williams' little piece on Qaddafi -- Roger tells us via the comments in the Saturday edition that he much prefers the "Faux-Military" side of Moamar's closet to the pan-Arab one. While it's definitely more "dictatorial," I still prefer his more flamboyant outfits myself:

I mean... who wouldn't dress like this?

What can I say? The man is the apogee of fashion.

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