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Words of Wisdom, Indeed

I can't find a single thing to disagree with the honourable Vivian J. Paige with in discussing her opposition to a general ban on smoking here in the Commonwealth:

Government is not always the answer, folks. Business people who are afraid of being the first one on the block to go smoke-free have no guts. If you believe it is the best thing for your customers and staff, then do it. Grow a pair and stop relying on government to help you out.

My opposition to a ban on indoor smoking is twofold:

First and foremost, it goes against the very history of our existence. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long history with tobacco. It alone is the crop that allowed us to survive during the time in which we were subject to the strict Mercantilist system under which we and the rest of the British Empire were subject at the time. In fact, from the beginning of our Dominion up until around the mid-1700's, tobacco was the currency in which all transactions here in the Commonwealth were transacted in! Of course, it also continues to be something we can be proud of to this day, thanks to the presence of the Altria Group. After all, Altria is much more than just Phillip Morris.

Secondly, I believe it is wrong for the Government of our Commonwealth to dictate to private businesses in which manner they may operate. There is nothing, as Vivian so eloquently points out, that prevents these businesses from going smoke-free on their own accord. The insistence that Richmond "do something" about indoor smoking is, in itself, a deceitful smoke screen which intends to shift the blame for their inaction upon our Delegates, who are already working on doing the best job they can do in representing our interests. Besides which, the centralization of decision-making goes against the very fibre of our inherent tendency towards individualism.

Of course, I could never even begin to explain things as succinctly as Vivian does, so be sure to hop on over to her site and discover more good reasons why a smoking ban is bad news.



#1 captainfish 03-Apr-2007
I agree Brian. These are just the beginning moves to insert governmental control over all private lives and actions. These laws have been gaining steam for decades and are becoming more common place now that more lemmings see the government as the arbiter of all that is good and knowledgeable.

You don't like your neighbor's tree hanging over your yard? Have the feds make a law that makes it illegal. Then send in the feds to assure that he keeps the tree trimmed. Then, if you don't like how your neighbor grills his BBQ, you can insist that he pay a carbon credit for each minute he BBQs. And the all-caring government will then pay to have several helicopters fly around to spy on people who might want to grill up some BBQ outside of their house instead of wasting massive amounts of heat by turning on their ovens during the summer time. Thus, the government can spend money and pollute the air over your house while it spies on your neighbor who wants to enjoy his private backyard.
#2 forest 03-Apr-2007
This subject came up in Harrisburg, PA recently, and I had an interesting conversation with some local "progressives". The City was considering banning smoking in all businesses and in city parks. Most everyone was in favor of the ban in businesses, but some thought the parks ban went too far. My view was the opposite - I'm against both bans, but I argued that the city has the right to ban smoking in the parks because the parks belong to the city. The businesses do not belong to the city, so the market and property rights should rule.

Way back in the 90's before smoking bans were popular - especially in WV - I was running a business with a smoking issue. The place was pretty small and it got too thick in there so people complained. I banned the smoking because it hurt business and it was my decision to make. Sadly, exercizing a little common sense would pass for 'having balls' these days.

BTW - I heard on the radio in MD last week that the smoke ban passed there too.
#3 Brian 03-Apr-2007
I'm glad to see that y'all are as enamoured with the idea as I am! What kind of nation are we becoming, that we have forgotten so completely how to take care of [i]ourselves[/i], and to think of [i]our own health[/i], rather than regulating others' behaviour to meet our every whim?

It is refreshing to note that here in the Commonwealth, the idea of banning smoking is as hated by Democrats as it is by we conservatives.

God Bless the Old Dominion!

#4 captainfish 04-Apr-2007
I agree. The gov'ts can ban or allow whatever they want on PUBLIC property. And, yes they can regulate things that happen for health reasons in private businesses like bars and diners.

But so far, smoking is still legal and taxed as a viable commodity in this nation.

To ban its use in private businesses while it is still a legal thing to do is beyond the scope of any governmental control. Yes, the government can control its use (as in only adults can purchase it - like alcohol). But, I fear this control will only increase. Note the increased usage of street cams to monitor pedestrians, push for vehicular road-use tracking, greater push for government control over children's education over parent's rights, increased taxation to support socialism that over next few years will support mainly illegals, etc.
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