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My Kingdom, for a Pitcher of Syrup?

It would appear that the Vermont secession movement is gaining steam again. Of course, this would be the same Vermont that, when asked to send troops to fight against the South during the Civil War (and thereby crush our "right" to secession), answered that, "Vermont will do its Full Duty."

(Of course, prior to the South's brief movement, and long before the current crop of pretenders to the Secession throne, Vermont was also involved in a previous attempt by New England to secede from the Union, albeit in an unofficial capacity.)

History's constant turning of ironies continues to be an endless source of amusement.



#1 Roger+Williams 03-Apr-2007
This invariably comes up every 20 years or so. Vermont was an independent country for about 14 years before becoming the first new state admitted to the union. Also, as usual, it's not really going to go anywhere, but the press is always fascinated by the idea of Vermont independence (for reasons I can't even fathom).

For the record, Rhode Island also decided to go it alone after the American Revolution, and had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Union after someone (sensibly) pointed out that it would be highly impractical to be such a tiny country surrounded completely by the newly United States. Rhode Island demanded, and received, certain additions to the bill of rights before signing on to become the thirteenth, and last, colony to make up the new nation.
#2 Brian 04-Apr-2007

Many thanks for the concise history! I'm always amused by the Vermont secessionists when they make the news--and by my count, that happens roughly once a year, lately.

Of course, I recognize that this "movement" is nothing more than a bunch of bored professors from Bennington, and it has *zero* support amongst the political elite in that State. It's still amusing, as a Virginian, to see a group of people trying to go down the secession road again, considering what Vermont did to us the last time *we* tried it.


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