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A Sneak Attack, by Any Other Name

What's the use of having a "top secret" sneak attack, if details are "accidentally" leaked out to the Russian media? (English)

The scuttlebutt floating around the Russiosphere, and rapidly spreading over this way is that the United States will launch a super-secret sneak attack on Iran on the 6th of April.

US Plan to Attack Iran on Good Friday at 4 am!

I have taken the unusual step here of reproducing an article by Webster Tarpley in full on my blog. The seriousness of this situation has resulted in Russia calling for an emergency session of the UN Security Council which could maybe head off this insane act of supreme folly. All people of goodwill worldwide must support efforts by Russia, France, China and other non-permanent members of the Security Council to avert this act of global terror by the United States and it's allies. As predicted in earlier blogs this will be a nuclear attack because the US plan to bomb uranium enrichment facitilies and other targets that are part of Iran's legitimate civil nuclear power programme.

Is this the best they can come up with? A dastardly sneak attack on Good Friday? Good Lord... it's time for me to pull out ol' Snidely Whiplash Dick Dastardly [Ed.:—Thanks, David!]:

"Curses, foiled by the NEEEEEEOCON JOOOOS!"

Of course, I give these reports as much credence as I do the New York Times. After all, you can't believe a word of "da Innur-net" unless you find it on DEBKAfile... right?

I can't wait to see this little conspiracy theory make it to the Nutroots.

Update: Rusty Shackleford helpfully points out that this news tid-bit has been floating around on "the intertubes" for a little over a week now. I guess I've not been looking in "the right" tubes to find it, so my apologies for being so late to the game. I suppose that means that I deserve a "Curses, Foiled Again!" all my own:

  #War Watch

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