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Dim Bulbs

The European Commission
Apparently, this childhood taunt is a fitting depiction of European bureaucrats, who are busy trying to ban incandescent bulbs throughout the European Union. Of course, in typical Enviro-nazi fashion, the ban is being pushed without much of a valid reason. To wit:

Of course, if Europe wants to bankrupt itself in the name of some ill-defined and unreachable "principle," who am I to say that they should stop?



#1 captainfish 14-Mar-2007
yeah, this whole forced migration to toxic bulbs is ludacrous. Bulbs are much more expensive and it is illegal to just throw them away; forced to pay a fee to dispose of them. While there are some benefits to using them, in side lamps, table lamps, overhead lamps and lights, etc.. but otherwise,, incadescents are still very necessary and the only real option.
#2 anonymous 14-Mar-2007
CFs can indeed be placed in enclosed fixtures. I have one as my porch light.

They also don't produce any noticeable flicker because they use electronic ballasts with a frequency far above that of the 60Hz line frequency. Your old-style fluorescent with a magnetic ballast did sometimes produce noticeable flicker.

As far as the life of a CF bulb if it is switched on and off on a regular basis, I have on in my garage and two in my laundry room that are never on for more than a few minutes. They've only been there for 5 years...
#3 anonymous 14-Mar-2007
One additional thing about CF bulbs:

I replaced the incandescent in my droplight with one. I got sick of replacing the bulb because it would blow if I dropped the light, and I got sick of the heat it produced when I worked close to the light (as, for example, when I'm trying to see under the dashboard of a car). I suppose a "rough service" bulb would have fixed the first problem, but not the second one.

Since I replaced the bulb in my droplight with a CF, it hasn't blown and it doesn't get nearly has hot.

I guess I could've gotten a whole new fluorescent droplight but putting a $3 CF bulb in my existing one is cheaper.
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