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Magical Self-Destructing Houses

You might recall that we wrote about Palestinian "Self-Destructing" houses a little while back. Here's another example of this phenomenon, straight from the wires. Notice that no speculation is made as to the cause of the explosion, at least not by the caption writers. It takes little imagination, though, to come to the conclusion that the house just might have exploded because it, well, contained explosives.

Palestinians inspect the damage to a house following an explosion in the Beach Camp, in Gaza City, Monday, March 19, 2007. An explosion went off Monday in the home of an Islamic Jihad activist, killing the militant and wounding 20 others, Palestinian security officials said. The officials said Islamic Jihad militant Alla al-Hesi was killed, adding that children were among the wounded. (AP Photo/ Adel Hana)

Let's try my caption out for size:

Palestinians inspect the damage to the house of an Islamic Jihad militant, who killed himself and his family by manufacturing explosives at home. (SnappedShot/Brian Ledbetter)

There you have it, folks. I have more "investigative imagination" in my little pinky, than the entire editorial staff at the Associated Press and Reuters combined. And they say the press is "trustworthy!"

Be sure to keep reading, to see more magnificent examples of media myopia.

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#1 HMH 20-Mar-2007
I've always wondered why Palestinians are continually captioned as "inspecting" damaged houses, cars, etc. Are they a nation comprised entirely of insurance adjustors and structural engineers? (We know they're definitely _not_ munitions experts.)Most of the ones in the pictures seem to actually be "just looking" or maybe "gawking".
#2 Brian 20-Mar-2007
LOL! A good question indeed - though with as many munitions "accidents" that happen around there, maybe they _are_ all insurance adjustors...

That brings a whole new meaning to Allstate's motto.

"Palistate: You're in _explosive_ hands?"

#3 Hapkido 20-Mar-2007
Amazing how that explosives manufacturing escaped the media as a cause of the explosion.
They have blinders on when it comes to terrorist/anti-USA activities but a surprising amount of oversight where our military is involved.
As always, your analysis is to-the-point & has that understanding of the "big picture" (pardon the pun).
#4 Brian 20-Mar-2007
Thanks for the kind words, Hapkido!


Most Respectfully,
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