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Sulfuric Acid Playgrounds

The lawyers will definitely be circling over this one.

The SnappedWife writes to inform me that there is a series of cases going on somewhere in Texas, and now Maryland, where children are being burned by sulfuric acid that has been "poured" on playgrounds at their schools.

She says it's being reported right now on Fox News, but not having access to a TV here at the SnappedOffice, I haven't seen it yet. The Baltimore Sun has the skinny, thankfully:

Payton Potachney knew exactly where the slides were behind Victory Villa Elementary School.

Late Saturday morning, as he crossed a wooden footbridge onto school grounds, the Middle River boy who turns 3 next month left his grandmother's grasp and raced toward the cupola-covered jungle gym, family members said. Within minutes, the blond-haired toddler was gliding down his beloved slide.

Then he screamed.

The plastic slide had been coated with an industrial-strength drain cleaner containing sulfuric acid so caustic that it quickly burned through his clothes and began to peel away his skin. In that instant, the popular school playground became the most unlikely of crime scenes.

My money's on this being a "Culturally Diverse" gang initiation brought on by our government's blatant open-borders policy, but then again, I'm evil. What do y'all think? What are the odds of this kind of disgusting activity spreading into Virginia?

Update: Bryan at Hot Air has discovered that arrests have been made in the Maryland case.

Baltimore County police arrested two 16-year-old boys in connection with the chemical burning of a 2-year-old at a playground last Saturday.

Police said both boys live in the Essex area and were arrested Monday evening. They were charged with reckless endangerment and second-degree burglary.

Investigators said the suspects wanted to kick the door in to a storage building. When they found the bottles of chemical, they poured it on the plastic slide to see if the chemical would burn the plastic. When they saw it did nothing, they left, leaving the chemical sitting on the slide.

Both suspects were released into the custody of their parents.

It should be noted that Baltimore has a slight problem with gangs. It's possible that this is a couple of "bored" teenagers, but I'm betting there's more to it than we're hearing so far, particularly in light of the Texas case.



#1 Sticky Notes 16-Apr-2007
Scary. Did you also read that one week ago a similar incident in Texas - pool cleaner, I think, on playground equipment?
#2 Brian 16-Apr-2007
I actually hadn't heard of the incident in Texas until the Mrs. informed me about this one. I was under the impression that they had occurred closer together in time, but was too sidetracked by other things going on today to do any further digging.

My bet's still on this being some form of new gang initiation. It's the simplest explanation I can come up with, unless there's a YouTube video out there about how "cool" it is to acid up the ol' playground.

Hopefully, someone will do some digging on this, and we'll get to the bottom of it.

#3 Mark C 17-Apr-2007
What I think is that you're a moron.
#4 Brian 17-Apr-2007
Namecalling. Very classy.

Your "tolerant" Californian roots are showing.

#5 JT 03-Apr-2008
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