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FATAL SHOOTINGS at Virginia Tech?!

I'm watching live coverage on FoxNews now (back in the Fox-equipped office), and see that there's been an incident down in Blacksburg that has resulted in 20 deaths so far. The shooter is reported to have been killed, but details are still coming in. My prayers are with the victims and their families. I'll keep you posted if/when I hear more.

Background For those of you not from the Commonwealth of Virginia, we're known--perhaps even "notorious"--for being adamant supporters of 2nd Amendment rights [ed.: In other words, we're an Open-Carry State]. Don't let that confuse you, though: These "rights" we're so supportive of do not transfer to our universities. From Virginia Tech's student policy:

Unauthorized possession, storage (in vehicles on campus as well as in the residence halls), or control of firearms and weapons on university property is prohibited. (NOTE: Organizational weapons of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, approved by the commandant, are not prohibited by this policy.) Firearms are defined as any gun, rifle, pistol, or handgun designed to fire bullets, BBs, pellets, or shots (including paint balls), regardless of the propellant used. Other weapons are defined as any instrument of combat or any object not designed as an instrument of combat but carried for the purpose of inflicting or threatening bodily injury. Examples include (but are not limited to) knives with fixed blades or pocketknives with blades longer than four inches, razors, metal knuckles, blackjacks, hatchets, bows and arrows, nun chahkas, foils, or any explosive or incendiary device. Possession of realistic replicas of weapons on campus is prohibited. Students who store weapons in residence hall rooms, who brandish weapons, or who use a weapon in a reckless manner may face disciplinary action that may include suspension or dismissal from the university. Refer to Section V.W. for additional information about Weapons.

In short, don't start blaming this on our "gun culture." I can assure you that our very liberal colleges have no such thing. This is the action of someone who's clearly got criminal intent, nothing more.

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Update: Wow, a link from the Kosmonauts. Hey guys: How are you going to solve this problem with "more gun control," if the campus already outlawed guns completely? You going to start putting people on double-secret probation?



#1 JayDee 16-Apr-2007
21. How unfortunate.
#2 The Sandbox 16-Apr-2007
Classes have been canceled today as a scary situation develops in Blacksburg:Shootings in a dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech left at least one person dead and seven or eight more wounded Monday before police arrested the suspected gunman, officials
#3 Brian 16-Apr-2007
This is horrific. I'm prayin' for the victims, and hoping that I don't know any of them.


#4 Chief Crash 16-Apr-2007
wait wait wait wait wait, this can't be possible....

that campus clearly prohibits firearms! And isn't there a state law that makes the college campus a "gun free zone"? How could this happen in a gun free zone???

oh yea, that's right, criminals ignore laws. forgot about that...
#5 Linn 16-Apr-2007
Sorry for the loss wish I could help.
#6 forest 16-Apr-2007
This is just awful. I feel for victims and their families.

to make things worse, something about the priliminary reports is beginning to really stink. The original shooting took place early in the morning and VT sent out a vague e-mail about "an unfortunate incident". Then 25-30 more people got killed 2 hours later. A shooting, by a gunman who was still on the loose, is not "an unfortunate incident". It's an emergency, and not a time for euphamisms via e-mail. We'll see when this gets sorted out, but it looks like a huge, tragic screw-up.
#7 Roberto Marchi 16-Apr-2007
I live in a "no guns" country, Brazil, where hundreds are killed every day by "completely forbidden" guns. Evil is in hearts, not hands.
#8 howie 16-Apr-2007
the way i see it, America is in a sinking ship when it comes to guns. if u ban them, then it gives more power to the people who already have guns.
that being said, to NOT blame it on gun control is just as faulty...after all, if you are a criminal, it's must harder to kill 30+ people with an axe or a samurai sword than a friggin gun don't u think?
#9 Betsy 17-Apr-2007
Howie bloviated:

"to NOT blame it on gun control is just as faulty...after all, if you are a criminal, it's must harder to kill 30+ people with an axe or a samurai sword than a friggin gun don't u think?"

Howie, Howie, Howie... this is *your own* hypothetical. Which part of the logic is too hard for you to understand?

Is it that you believe someone _who ignores the law when the crime is murder_, will choose to _obey the law when the crime is possession of a firearm_?

Or do you somehow imagine that criminalizing gun ownership will eliminate guns more successfully than criminalizing drugs has eliminated drugs and criminalizing prostitution has eliminated prostitutes?

Why don't you think that over and get back to me...
#10 Brian L. 17-Apr-2007

I could not agree more -- sin truly is the universal stain in all of our hearts that leads to senseless acts of violence like we've just witnessed. Thank you very much for checking in to share your thoughts with us!

Warmest Regards,
#11 Brian+L. 17-Apr-2007

I do hear what you're saying, but would counter that there's been death and murder for *thousands* of years before guns were even invented. Perhaps the problem, then, isn't the "guns," but is rather the *attitude* that motivates the killer.

Just food for thought, of course. Please keep Virginia in your prayers today!

#12 Brian 17-Apr-2007

I agree with you wholeheartedly, but think that it's probably better for us to be a bit more civil and introspective for the moment. Emotions are definitely running high, but the most that [i]any[/i] of us can do right now is to keep the victims' families in our prayers, and hope that the Lord uses this tragedy to help lead them closer to Him...

Most Respectfully,
#13 Mark C 17-Apr-2007
What a crock.

The gun policies on culture on campus have no relevance. Last I checked there were no barricades and metal-detector checkpoints around the VT campus. Nor does the gun-crazy culture stop at the campus border, just because some academics would like it to.

The incident, if anything, is an excellent argument for eliminating handguns NATIONWIDE.
#14 Brian 17-Apr-2007
Wow, Mark. You really take the "jump to conclusions" game to the next level.

As a side note, our Virginian "gun-crazy" culture results in a *fraction* of the deaths incurred in "gun-paranoid" New York. Or the "Peaceful" gun-free Republic of Los Angeles.

#15 Mike 17-Apr-2007
Great idea, Mark! And then, after we've legislated all the guns away, I'm sure you'll support drug-sniffing dogs on every street corner to finally deal with that problem, right?

Magical thinking, firmly hitched to a relentlessly totalitarian mindset: is there any problem it can't solve?
#16 Virginia Tech student 18-Apr-2007
Yeah we're all really shocked by the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. We don't know if the immediate response by the administration was sufficient to contain the threat, and it's unclear what exactly motivated the killer. Now all we can do is mourn for the victims...
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