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Robert Levinson: Supernote connection?

Robert Levinson, missing in Iran.
The "missing American" in Iran has been identified as former FBI agent Robert A. Levinson, who, as "John Doe" over at Jawa points out, seems to have been visiting Kish Island, a "free-trade" resort area off of the southwest coast of Iran.

What's interesting to note, as commenter Rodger Morrow (homepage) points out, is that Mr. Levinson appears to be a former expert on counterfeiting.


As in North Korean supernotes? The kind which the UN can't seem to find?

Kish Island
This is very interesting. We speculated late last year about a cash nexus existing between Iran and Hezbullah, potentially being supported by counterfeit currency, and furthermore that the counterfeit bills may have come from North Korea, but this one incident seems to tie all of these players together rather succinctly. The prior speculation didn't pan out, of course, so please do take all of this with a grain of salt.

Is there more going on here than meets the eye? Hopefully, new developments will continue to shed light on these possible connections.

Update: The all-knowing Dr. Rusty "John Doe" Shackleford (okay, now I get it) suggests that Mr. Levinson was arrested detained for "Vacationing While American," which definitely makes sense. All I know is that a counterfeiting expert "disappeared" in Iran, a country which is definitely capable of it. Other than that, I'm sure it's entirely possible that Rusty's right. He usually is, anyway--That's why he's so all-knowing! I'll continue digging and see if anything shows up that's of interest, in the mean time.

Many thanks for the new details, Rusty!

Update again: Here's some additional info: Mr. Levinson has been missing since mid-March (2 or 3 weeks now), and was reported to be working on an independent film project over in the vicinity of Kish Island (pictured above). Consider that another check mark in Rusty's column. Dang!

Update: Does Mr. Levinson "like spy movies?" Even more check marks towards the good Dr. "John Doe." Nuts!

Rodger notes in the Comments section below that there may be even more to this than I've listed so far: He points to a potential link to a film producer named Neil Docherty, who is reported to be connected with Frontline NBC, on what I'd imagine would be the film that he was reported to be in the area working on. Rodger also mentions an Iranian Petroleum Bourse, which he suggests might be a money-laundering connection--one of Levinson's specialties. It'll be interesting to see if anything turns up on those angles, and maybe to discover what kind of film he was working on over there.

Thanks for the additional details, Rodger!

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#1 Rodger Morrow 04-Apr-2007
Brian: Two other angles worth exploring here. First is Levinson's connnection to an "independent author anf film producer" (who may or may not be Frontline's Neil Docherty. The other is the planned Iranian Petroleum Bourse on Kish Island, which seems like an ideal venue for money laundering, particularly for the Russian Mafia (also a Levinson specialty). There are more threads to follow here than an episode of '24,' but I have a hunch that something will break soon in the case.
#2 Brian 04-Apr-2007
MANY thanks for the additional details, Rodger! I can't wait to hear more!

Warmest Regards,
#3 Beth Amendola 06-Apr-2007
I was Mr. Levinson's neighbor for 6 years; never did I meet a nicer man nor devoted father. What a great guy. I hope this plays out well. He has a lovely wife and bright good children as well.
#4 Brian 07-Apr-2007

Wow, that's really neat to know! Many thanks for checking in with us and sharing your thoughts. My prayers are definitely focused on Mr. Levinson's safe return!

Warmest Regards,
#5 gina 12-Apr-2007
i have known Bobby Levinson for about 20 years, i cut his hair. i have never met such a gentle giant. He has taught me many lessions in life, especially about having children. He adores them, as well as he adores his wife. he is a wonderful inspiration and a well respected man. i am praying for his safe return. he must come home
#6 metaphoric 16-Apr-2007
I don't know this person but had a really weird dream a few weeks ago about someone who went missing that had ties to a goverment office... It's really weird..The person's name in the dream was Brian Farewell ?? Anyway, the dream indicated that the affiliated goverment office (which I thought was the CIA) had something to do with the disappearance. I can't say it had anything to do with B. Levinson but it reaffirms some other premonitions I've had. I hope he is found soon.
#7 Brian 16-Apr-2007

Very interesting—please keep us posted if you see anything else!

#8 ahmad sharif 22-Apr-2007
look. it is all complicated . he did some nice thing to the president of iran and he was promised for a reward. but something happend that we don't know( and it is by nomeans NOT connected to the detained iranians by USA)that he detaind,, sorry vanished.
#9 Brian 22-Apr-2007

That is very interesting—do you know more about what kind of favour he was doing for Mahmoud? You say it's by "no means NOT" related to the detained Iranians—meaning that it *is* connected? Are there any rumours inside of Iran as to what has happened to Mr. Levinson?

Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts with us. I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say!

#10 Mel 24-Apr-2007
I went to school with Mr. Levinson's kids in Coral Springs, FL. They are such a great family. I'm praying for his safe return and for his family.
#11 Robin 20-Sep-2007
I lived behind Bob Levinson in Coral Springs. His kids always played with ours. He and Chris (his wife) are two of the kindest people you could ever meet. I hope we don't forget about him for the sake of his family.
#12 Shannon 10-Mar-2008
There is now a myspace dedicated to finding Bob--
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