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Entering the Alliance

I'm very proud to announce that I've been invited to join the Old Dominion Blog Alliance, a group of conservative bloggers here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Amazingly enough, it's been reported that I garnered 80% of the votes needed for membership, a whopping 70% higher than I expected to gain. That's excellent news indeed! I look forward to engaging in discussions with fellow Old Dominion bloggers, and hope that my contribution to the Commonwealth's very vibrant blogosphere will be worth something to the Alliance—but more importantly, to you, the reader.

I finally have occasion to use this little nugget from Dwight Schrute:

For those of you who are interested, I'll outline my Virginian credentials, as briefly as possible:

I was born in Portsmouth in the late 1970's, while the country was in the midst of Jimmy Carter's "stellar" economic programs. My early years were spent in the suburban utopia of Virginia Beach (right on the border of the wonderful town of Chesapeake), and are filled with happy memories of riding my bicycle around without any worry, celebrating Easter in public school, and Ronald Reagan. In 1989, my family moved up to Alexandria, and I spent the latter half of my formative years in the People's Fairfax County. After graduating high school, I spent six years in Northwest Florida seeking a degree in Computer Science, where I met my beautiful wife. In early 2001, we moved back up to Fairfax County, where we continue to live to this day.

So there you have it. I'm a lifelong Virginian who is very proud to be a native citizen of this grand Old Dominion, and I look forward to the bright future that she will certainly have!



#1 Hapkido 07-Apr-2007
Congratulations! No doubt they'll enjoy your contributions to their Alliance as much as we your contribution to the blogosphere as a whole.
#2 Alton Foley 08-Apr-2007
Welcome Brian. We are all pleased to be associated with you.
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