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Creative Cropping 101

Sometimes when you see a published photograph, pieces of it are left out which may be important. Zombie has documented one of the most egregious cases of this type of scenario, but today, it seems that Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs has discovered a new one, involving the 15 Marines recently held captive in Iran.

Consider this photograph:

A happy send-off?

This is framed to appear as a happy occasion--they are very pleased to be free, obviously, but in this photograph, they are still in Iran, being filmed for use in that nation's propaganda. Now, contrast it with this one, which is expanded to show the entire group:

The guy on the right sure doesn't look happy!

On viewing the full scene, it's obvious that the gentleman on the right is firmly aware of the reality of the situation, and is doing his duty not to participate in the enemy's propaganda.

Many thanks to Pamela for catching this! See Gateway Pundit for additional angles of the shot. (See also: The Jawa Report, Hot Air, The Corner, The Washington Times)

Update: Hear hear! Lack of preparedness, indeed.

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#1 captainfish 08-Apr-2007
The great lion's decomposition is almost complete. They have come to the point in history that they are now Chekoslovakia(sp?). Brittain has rolled over and is just about to accept its fate as a new Moslem state with no power in the free world ever again.

And what is worse, that will only make the US look that much more aggressive in its defensive stature. With Brittain's defense in the UN muted, that will only leave Canada and Australia as our only remaining "friends".
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