The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

There goes that

... "global warming" again. We woke up to about an eighth of an inch of snow here on our side of Fairfax Couny this fine April morning.

Snow in April? DOOMED!

While it's nice to see our li'l buddy Winter one more time, I'm just about ready for him to go on his annual vacation. He's definitely overstaying his visit this year!



#1 captainfish 08-Apr-2007
Dang global warming. Been around forever it seems. Our records here in OK have snow as late as April 30. And the record for the month wa mid-april of 3.3 inches back in 1908.

Who would have known that Gore was right about global warming even back then?
#2 Hapkido 08-Apr-2007
It's obvious we're bound for the fiery abyss of hades! I, of course, have evidence...
Two Mondays ago, Cedar Rapids experienced a wonderful 72 degrees. This indicates a trend towards Spring - or so we're lead to believe!
The high on last Friday was 35 degrees. This proves the Earth is spinning wildly off its axis & we're all going to be flung into the void of space!
I think that's consistent with global-warming kookery...
#3 captainfish 09-Apr-2007
You better hold on then. You only have 5-10 years to live anyway based on the established belief of all the "scientists" on earth.
#4 Hapkido 10-Apr-2007
Well, unlike liberals I think I have a pretty good grip...on reality! :-)
#5 Brian 10-Apr-2007
LOL to both of you!! :)
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