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BBC REPORTER: Self-kidnapped?

In an interesting turn of events, questions have now been raised by Al-Hayat that the BBC's Alan Johnson, who was kidnapped almost a month ago, may have perhaps staged his own kidnapping, after learning that he was close to being fired. (h/t LGF)

I think I'll take this little tidbit with a grain of salt. For one, I'm not sure how trustworthy Al-Hayat is as a source, and for two, it seems to me that it would be fairly trivial for something like this to be disproven by the BBC. How often was Alan Johnson used as a source in BBC stories? I was under the impression that he was their "reliable source" on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

Then again, Palestinian reporters have been protesting for his release, in full parade of the international press. Maybe there is something to the story after all...

In any case, file this one under "Don't Trust until Verified" for now.


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