The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Server Upgrade: Complete?

Phill and I finally finished moving the blog off of the rickety old hardware onto the much more powerful new hardware. If you see anything odd over the next day or so, please be sure to let me know, but otherwise, I hope that the website will be a whole lot faster for you from here on out!

(Ouch—It looks like I may have caused a slight DNS outage overnight. My apologies for the down time—hopefully, it won't happen again!)

I just want to take a moment to thank Phill very much for his hard work and support on this migration—you would've been amazed at how quickly he was able to get everything configured. In most cases, he was finished with installing something by the time I had even started to ask about it. "Already thought about it," indeed!

Take a bow, Phill! And to anyone out there who needs a good photographer on the Gulf Coast, I cannot recommend Phill's services enough! Be sure to pay him a visit and see if he can do anything for you, too!

(Update: The database upgrade seems to have mangled some of the entries and comments on the blog—Our old system used an ASCII-based database, the new one is Unicode, and apparently the translation did not go so smoothly. Argh. If you see anything that looks odd, I'll apologize in advance, but going forward, everything ought to be stored correctly.)


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