The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Brian's Commonwealth of Virginiana

The Dominion of Learning.
When I'm not busy obsessing over politics, arguing foreign policy, or otherwise trying to inflame homicidal islamists--not to mention my time spent sitting in school or being a family man!--I like to spend my time studying history. Specifically, I enjoy learning about the history of my beloved Old Dominion--the ancient and historic Commonwealth of Virginia.

This obsession-slash-hobby of mine manifests itself in many ways: Countless hours poring over old books, excessive interest in old and historic places. Recently, I discovered Google's new My Maps, and figured that it would be a neat way of tracking places in the Commonwealth I've visited. Or maybe even a neat way of sharing some of my little obsession with you, the reader.

If you're interested in seeing some things about Virginia which you may not have seen before, I invite you to join me on my little journey, as I explore some of the lesser-known places of historic Northern Virginia. And please do share your ideas with me, if you know of something in your corner of the Commonwealth that I need to come and see.


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