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Commonwealth #1: Island for Sale, Cheap!

Chopawamsic Island
I'd like to kick off my little Commonwealth of Virginiana feature with a bang, and what better way of doing that than highlighting the only private island available for sale in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

Chopawamsic Island, located on the Potomac directly off of the shores of U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico—the crossroads of the Marine Corps—is the only island in that river that is the domestic property of the Old Dominion, owing to the peculiar verbiage of our sacred agreement of 1632 with the State of Maryland, which we continue to honour to this day.

This island would make a perfect resort home for any beleaguered Inside-the-Beltway suburbanite. Allow me to outline the exquisite benefits that come with this property at no additional cost:

For a mere $25,000,000, this little property could be yours! Be sure to get in touch with the realtor to start moving into your next estate. Act now, it's going fast!

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#1 Hapkido 13-Apr-2007
I've got the perfect sell for this one:
"Are you from NYC & looking to tone down the volume of your life but not willing to go 'The Simple Life' route?
"Well, have we got THE DEAL for you! The Potomac - while not as delightfully polluted as the East River - offers the same hint of home while offering a decidedly different feel to dysentery. Luxurious access to both air & rail travel further that classic feel of home.
"Included in the deal is a state-of-the-art security system - one you're guaranteed to enjoy, even when you forget it's there!
"All this for the low, low price of $25,000,000!!! For anyone who's ever rented in NYC, I don't have to tell you how great a deal this is!"
#2 John Athayde 13-Apr-2007
Why would i buy that when I could buy Thatch Cay (250 acres off of St. John) for 24 million. Or half of montana or something.

And many laughts over Hapkido's NYC reference.
#3 Brian 15-Apr-2007
LOL to both of you jokers! Thanks for taking the time to make me chuckle! :)

#4 Hapkido 15-Apr-2007
Glad to give you a laugh! Keep up the great blogging. Always a pleasure to visit your site.
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