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Post-Easter Treat

It seems that many of the "leading experts" interviewed in James Cameron's abysmal Christian-bashing Lost Tomb of Jesus have had to revise their statements and clarify their positions as illustrated in the film. Which reveals, once again, that facts are of no importance when it comes to bashing Christianity.

In the film, renowned epigrapher Prof. Frank Moore Cross, professor emeritus of Hebrew and oriental languages at Harvard University, is seen reading one of the ossuaries and stating that he has "no real doubt" that it reads "Jesus son of Joseph." But according to Pfann, Cross said in an e-mail that he was skeptical about the film's claims, not because of a misreading of the ossuary, but because of the ubiquity of Biblical names in that period in Jerusalem.

"It has been reckoned that 25 percent of feminine names in this period were Maria/Miriam, etc. - that is, variants of 'Mary.' So the cited statistics are unpersuasive. You know the saying: lies, damned lies, and statistics," Cross is quoted as saying.

So, do you still think that it was a coinicidence that the film came out during Lent?

Fat chance. Just like "Pride" Week over at George Mason coincidentally falls on Easter Week every spring.

Many thanks to Hyscience for bringing this to my attention!


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