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Those Silly AIDS Melons

This juicy little nugget (pun intended) comes to us from our "allies" in the Saudi Kingdom:

that have been spreading via SMS about the entry of millions of HIV-infected yellow melons into Saudi Arabia through its northern border.

A Saudi Health Ministry source said that the message was totally false, and added, "HIV cannot be transmitted in food or drinks."

I think I've found a new nominee for my little award:

The Saudi Health Ministry



#1 Shaun Kenney 12-Apr-2007
That MotO graphic is hilarious.
#2 Brian 12-Apr-2007
Hehehe, glad you enjoy, Shaun! :)

#3 Anonymous 12-Apr-2007
This is what happens when you have a poorly educated - and very isolated from knowledge - populace.
#4 Brian 12-Apr-2007
Very well said, Anon! Three cheers!
#5 Hapkido 13-Apr-2007
I'm honestly surprised it took this long to get urban legends going on SMS/Text.
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