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Sacre Bleu!

It looks like the relatively-conservative Nicolas Sarkozy is the new president of France! Could this possibly be good news in the West's war against Islamic extremism? I don't know. If Segolene Royal's predictions are correct, though, every Peugeot in Paris ought to be very afraid right now...

Update: Looks like we're already starting with ye olde festivities. Time to go and grab the popcorn!

A protest against the president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy turns into a riot at the Bastille square in Paris on May 6. Here, protesters occupy the base of the Bastille Column, while graffiti in the foreground calls for civil war. (Photo and caption submitted by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko /



#1 Hapkido 07-May-2007
Don't you know the Renault burns much cleaner & is the car of choice for French rioters? It's the enviro-friendly solution to political disapproval! :-)
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