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Is Fidel Castro back in good enough shape for the public spotlight again? Or have they just finished training his body double well enough to go out and start meeting people?

Cuba's President Fidel Castro meets with Wu Guanzheng (L), a member of the Standing Committee of China's Communist Party Politburo, in Havana April 22, 2007. (Periodico Granma/Handout/Reuters)

For more on the history of the Traditional Dictatorial Use of Body Doubles, be sure to see good old Wikipedia.

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#1 BelchSpeak 23-Apr-2007
Wow, that photo is a glaring forgery. Castro's head was either pasted on completely or was airbrused so much that it looks like its floating there. Also, the lighting is wrong. He would be lit full face the way he is sitting in that room.
#2 Brian 24-Apr-2007

I don't see it. I've got one more shot in the Archives that I didn't publish with this picture, and at the resolution it's at, I don't see any signs of doctoring. At least, not with the *photography.* There are plenty of other ways to mess with the scenery, of course.

I'll see if I can find other copies of this little fauxto op, but I'm not too hopeful. They do a good job of editing the outbound media on that tinpot little island.

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