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I see, via Sweetness and Light, that Hillary Clinton is promising to slash 500,000 contracting positions off of the Federal rolls if elected:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that if elected she would put an end to the outsourcing of critical government functions to the private sector and axe up to half a million federal contracting jobs.

Northern Virginia, as seen from Richmond.
Considering that approximately 499,999 of the 500,000 contractors (okay, so I'm exaggerating a touch) currently reporting to Washington, D.C. live in Northern Virginia, it'd be interesting to see how this affects our economy up here.

Personally, I'd love to see some of these superfluous contracts go away. I've seen more waste in the past 5 years of contracting than I ever dreamed existed, from last-minute fiscal-year spending sprees, to employees being kept on the job because the overall contract demands that they be there, demand or not. But seriously, if Hillary Clinton thinks that killing the Northern Virginia economy to spite the evils of contracting, I can't imagine that Richmond would be too happy about it.

There's plenty to clean up in contracting. But to blame the problems we're seeing on the Bush Administration is absurd -- There are plenty of works decrying the evils of contracting from the 1800's, if you're under the delusion that this is a "modern" affliction. And if any of you think that turning all of these "contract" positions into Federally-unionized Civil Service jobs would actually solve anything?

Well, let's just say that I'd be happy to start taking bids on Key Bridge.

Hillary, you're barking up the wrong tree. Cutting your stanch supporters in Northern Virginia off at the knees is not going to win you any friends.

Then again, as a Republican, I guess I should encourage her to keep on truckin', huh?



#1 BelchSpeak 24-Apr-2007
I've also done my share of contracting for the government, and yes, it is a huge insult that she would decimate NOVA and central Maryland for the sake of her leftist friends in the unions.

It won't fly up here, and may push this teetering-toward-blue state back solidly into the red.
#2 badrose 24-Apr-2007
I don't recall Hillary mentioning this when she was helping Jim Webb get elected . . .
#3 Brian 24-Apr-2007

That would be *terrific!* Hasn't Maryland suffered enough?



Funny, isn't it? It *would* be curious to see what RaisingKaine's star Senator (Webb, that is) thinks of Federal contracting.

Contradictory press releases commencing in 10... 9... 8...


#4 JayDee 25-Apr-2007
Yay!!! NO MORE OUTSOURCING! I'm voting for this bitch!
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 25-Apr-2007
LOL, JayDee, don't think she's going to go any easier on *your* area if she's elected than she does on NO VA.

#6 captainfish 25-Apr-2007
Outsourcing is the only way this government of ours can operate. You have to realize her ulterior motives. She is not eliminating contract work. She is wanting to transfer those jobs back into government jobs.

While I like some government jobs, like fisheries and enforcement related jobs, there are many thousands of jobs that are handled by contract work. Like sorting bug samples, collecing field samples, or other menial tasks.

But yes, many contract jobs should be bid out and heavily monitored to assure taxpayers are not getting scourged. But as with any government beaurocracy, things tend to get bloated and corrupt.

So, knowing that, how much more uncomfortable are you with Hillary's suggestion to move more jobs back into the government tit-sucker?
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 25-Apr-2007

Oh believe me, nothing good can come of her plan. The only end result will be the federally-subsidized union will quadruple in size, and the cost of everything will become exponentially higher.

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