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Hi-Res Dictator Goodness

It's as if the Cuban government exists for no reason other than to counter our constant speculation about Fidel Castro's demise. Not a day after questions were raised in the comments thread just referenced, the Cubans have released this high-resolution photograph of, well, I'll just call him "Fidel"—to "prove" to us that he's still "with" us.

A top Cuban official has moved to quash speculation that convalescing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, seen here on 20 April 2007, might appear at a May Day parade, though he said Castro was "very well."(AFP/Granma/File)

It is nice to know that they're still in the business of "quashing" rumours. It's not like Cuba has any real needs to tend to, right?

Facial recognition experts, do your worst:

Fidel Castro, up close and personal. Click the picture to zoom in.

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#1 BelchSpeak 25-Apr-2007
Maybe theres just something about the way that gray beard sets against that black perfectly spotless collar-

It looks whispy, like smoke or something. I have no doubt that Castro is still alive, but the shot is wierd.

Also, not a single speck or hair on that black collar? Not a crumb or a flake? Not a single whisker that lays over his collar, and no shadow of the collar against his neck?

Im not trained at spotting faux-tography, but my brain wants to reject the image as something wrong with it...

Am I imagining things?
#2 BelchSpeak 25-Apr-2007
In the smaller High-res picture, you can see how he was beard whiskers that overlap his collar. This looks authentic.

But look at the liverspots around his right temple. There are no where near the same configuration as they are in the track suit picture where Castro looks "healthier."
#3 Brian 25-Apr-2007

It looks like the collar in the top picture is in *front* of his beard, which could explain the oddity of the way it looks. Could this be a fauxtoshopped image? Absolutely. Without Castro, Cuba's communist government will collapse more quickly than a deck of cards in a hurricane.

Or something like that. :)

You're definitely on to something with the liverspots, though, which is why I made a veiled reference to facial recognition. If I were a Cuban commie, I'd be *dang* sure that I had a couple of "backup" Fidel Castros available to parade in front of the cameras every now and then, to keep the [i]proletariat[/i] from rising up [i]en masse[/i]. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that we're looking at a "backup" Castro in these recently-released pictures, though the evidence is certainly circumstantial at best.

#4 badrose 25-Apr-2007
Which reminds me, Brian, what are your thoughts regarding a US invasion of Cuba and turning it into a destination spa?
#5 Brian 25-Apr-2007

Before Castro's "meteoric rise to power" (if I may borrow some of the worshipful language thrown at him by the press), Cuba was a notorious resort location for American tourists. In fact, it was the most prosperous nation in Latin America.

I'd absolutely love to see Cuba return to its former glory, and it wouldn't bother me in the least to see us send "assistance" to accomplish that end.

#6 badrose 25-Apr-2007
Great! I'll add you to my list . . .
#7 Captain Lewis 27-Apr-2007
I consider myself a PhotoShop expert. Use it every day. The recent pic in the jogging suit looks like it has been altered -- those magic liverspots, or moles. I'd say 70% chance that's bad PhotoShop, 30% the moles were removed that he has some sort of lighter patch or scar.
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-May-2007

My apologies for not replying sooner - I'd like to thank you for your analysis! I definitely think *something* is going on down in Cuba, and these occasional "Fidel re-affirmations" (similar to "Tender Sentiments," no doubt) are most likely staged and/or altered in some way.

I.e., we're either looking at a "fake" Fidel, or we're looking at a completely faked (Photoshopped) picture.

The _really_ sad thing about all of this is how the USEFUL IDIOTS in the Western world continue to hold up Cuba as some sort of gold standard (free healthcare, the most literate nation in the world, etc. - I've heard all of those canards a million times), while blaming the United States for all of the things which are obviously the fault of the Cuban dictatorship.

As I said in a later post, though, the clock is ticking. Cuba will NOT stay enslaved forever; the Junta's time is almost up.

I'll definitely be celebrating in the streets when that time comes, that's for SURE.

Again, many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! Please stop by again and keep me honest as often as you'd like!

Most Respectfully,
Brian L.
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