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Tragedy in Sderot

It seems that the Qassam barrage upon Sderot has claimed its first fatality. My prayers are with this woman's family on this, their sad day...

An Israeli woman, who later died of her injuries, is tended by paramedics, moments after a rocket fired by Palestinians militants in Gaza hit a car, which burns in background, in the town of Sderot, southern Israel, after sundown Monday, May 21, 2007. Two other people were wounded and this badly hurt woman was taken to hospital by ambulance, the local director of the rescue service said, but she died later of her injuries.(AP Photo/Yehuda Lahiyani)

Out of respect for the dead, there will be no photo roundup of this horrific death here. There's no word yet on when the Israeli government will actually start dealing with these murderous thugs. I've seen a bulletin on Fox News indicating that "no Hamas politician will be considered safe" from Israeli counter-attacks, but that reeks of a limp-wristed attempt to talk tough more than anything. I'm thinking something more disproportionate might be in store for the terrorist thugocracy that survives at the pleasure of the U.S. State Department's delusions.

Update: I've learned that this poor woman's name was Shirel Friedman. May God be with her family, and may He receive her into His loving arms in the afterlife.


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