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A Lack of Relevant Information

Check this caption out:

A Palestinian man removes a metal bar from a broken window at his family home after an Israeli missile hit a nearby Hamas militants' camp in Gaza City, Tuesday, May 22, 2007. Israeli air strikes Tuesday targeted two camps used by the Islamic militant group Hamas, Palestinian security officials said. After Monday night's deadly rocket strike that killed an Israeli woman, Israeli defense officials said the army would step up its attacks on Palestinian militants, warning that Hamas' top leaders, including Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, could be in danger.(AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Is Adel Hana seriously that disinterested in what's going on in this picture? In case you don't already know, "metal bars" like that are routinely used by Hamas to build those "home-made rockets" you've been seeing, one of which that killed an actual poor, innocent Israeli civilian yesterday.

At least the IDF managed to take out a Hamas weapons-production facility.

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#1 Anonymous 23-May-2007
Regarding the "metal bar" picture, I wonder: why do you think this kind of bars is used for making rockets? I believe that Qassam rockets are made from large sewer pipes, not from this kind of bars.
(This makes perfect sense to the Palestinians, considering that sewer runs in the streets in Gaza...)
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 23-May-2007

Thanks for the question—I had read somewhere that the Qassams were built of 70mm pipe, which is roughly what we're seeing in the above picture. If I can find a reference, I'll post it here shortly—otherwise, I may have a "Curses, Foiled Again" moment coming my way soon...


#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 23-May-2007
It looks like I'm partially correct—the Palestinians have a propensity to use whatever materials are available. They definitely do *not* use sewer pipe, though, as that tends to be a heavier, less airworthy concrete material.

Wiki photo—Check out the smallest one, which is pretty much what our "metal shop" produced in the wreckage above.

More info: Wiki

Qassams are sometimes built with Israeli steel, as well—And be sure to see THAT picture, which I'm mirroring here at Snapped Shot for the permanent record:

So it seems I am more right than wrong here. *Whew!*

I hope this helps clarify things,

Most Respectfully,
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