The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Daily Perils of Dictatorship

According to various reports, Moamar Qaddaffi has suffered a stroke, and is in a coma. Of course, not to be outdone by Fidel "Weekend at Fidel's" Castro, we're immediately treated to information suggesting he is alive and well.

Ah, the perils which your average, everyday money-grabbing dictator must endure...

The World's Deadest Playboy?

I'll keep y'all posted if I hear anything else, of course. Many thanks to Aussie Dave for bringing this to my attention!

Update: As Roger Williams notes, Qaddafi is alive and well. Thanks for the update, Roger!



#1 Roger+Williams 15-May-2007
Muammar's not only alive, but extremely pissed off. He promised revenge (legal and otherwise) against the Palestinian news agency that broke the story. Apparently, Colonel Qaddafi forgot that Palestinian news sources rank somewhere between the Weekly World News and Zimbabwean ZANU-PF weeklies in terms of credibility, but now he knows what the rest of us know.
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