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Another "Cease-Fire" Rocket Attack

It seems that the Palestinians are staying true to their word, as usual. Was this rocket launched in commemoration of al-Naqba? One interesting thing, though: Check out the Israeli reaction to the shameless vultures of the press:

An Israeli youth gestures after his mother was injured by a rocket attack in the southern Israeli town of Sderot May 15, 2007. A rocket fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip hit a house in Sderot on Tuesday causing at least two injuries, Israeli emergency services said. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL)

"Gestures?" It looks to me like he's doing a bit more than "gesturing," Amir. Could it be possible that the Israelis are exhibiting a proper restraint here, in trying to keep the jihad-friendly, death-loving press away from their tragedy? It certainly is telling that the Israelis do not consider this photographer to be a friend.

Compare that to your average Palestinian "funeral scene," where the subjects play up every possible emotion to the cameras, without a hint of shame:

Palestinian relatives of senior al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades commander Baha Abu Jarad react after he was shot dead in Gaza May 13, 2007. Gunmen killed Abu Jarad and another member of the Fatah-linked militant group in the Gaza Strip on Sunday in an attack it blamed on the rival Hamas movement. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

The world would be well served by removing every wire photographer from the Middle East. Enough propaganda, enough vitriol. Being used by various factions in the area as propagandists, whether by accident or by cooperation, is not a valid function of the press.

I'm very glad to hear that nobody was killed in this latest attack on a civilian residence.

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#1 Chaya 15-May-2007
I don't know what to say anymore. This government is worthless!! I think the people of Sderot should go to the nearest highway ad stop traffic by sitting down on the road!! And not move!! They should bring food with them and don't leave until something is done!
#2 Brian 15-May-2007

I understand your frustrations completely.

The Israeli government has been failing its people since 2000, by neglecting to stand up [i]forcefully[/i] to the endless attacks upon its populace by the murderous thugs in the "Palestinian" territories. Building a wall might help, but it does *nothing* to deal with the underlying nature of the nest of vipers sitting on the other side of it!

If "world opinion" sides with the Palestinian cause, then so be it. Israel [i]must[/i] stand on her own!

My prayers are with everyone who is forced to suffer under incompetent governance. The citizens of Israel deserve [i]far[/i] better than Ehud Olmert and his party!

Most Respectfully
your humble servant,
#3 Greg 15-May-2007
I don't know (or care much) about "world opinion", but I can tell you that in my part of the world, in the USA, we know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Americans stand with Israel.

A wall is a good start to stopping the serial killers. Personally, I'd support responding to each rocket attack with massive, sustained bombing of the area the rocket came from. Force appears to be a language the arabs understand well. And "world opinion" will be against Israel no matter what she does, so might as well do what is required, no matter how brutal.
#4 fiona 15-May-2007
I am so tired of hearing about these attacks, and not hearing a peep from the mainstream media. If this had been a palestinian mother it would have been headline news across the world. Sickening double standards.

I feel so much for those poor people who have to live under threat of rocket attacks every day - fired by religious lunatics who do not care who they kill.

Knowing about this makes my already staunch support for the State of Israel and her people stronger, and I will be more even vocal about it to others.
#5 Ted Strout 15-May-2007
Israel should pick out a Gaza/WB mosque to flatten every time a rocket attack occurs. Publish the name of the next in line, so that "civilians" can get out of the way, and then have at it.
#6 Chiam Yehudi 15-May-2007
Olmert is a discrace the problem must be solved - as always - by our own will and determination - the world except US hates us lets get on with it and protect ourselves through force - the only language understood by our neighbors
#7 Big Dog 15-May-2007
Israel must stand up to these animals.
#8 Stephen Hugli 15-May-2007
*I stand with Israel*
#9 Frankly Opinionated 15-May-2007
This enemy of Israel has no semblance of values, has less value on life than death, and has absolutely no future. Now, how ya gonna negotiate with a 7th century mentality like that? When they fire a rocket at Israel that act is "force". Israel must respond in kind, with "force". Seems simple enough. The only thing that interferes with that is the media and a public that has its head in the sand. Those who are aware, can see that the most humane thing to do would be to beat them back to the stone ages, and keep them entirely out of anything Israel, especially financially. They are brain dead, numb, unable to rationalize any situation.
Other than that, I don't like their flaky jihadists who are killing their families in Iraq. What a bunch of nuts.
Christians and Jews don't fly planes into buildings in GOD's name!
nuf sed
#10 SFTECH 15-May-2007
God be with those who suffer and sacrifice for the sins of the world.

-God being the power that minimizes the damage to Israel's people.
-Suffer under the continuous Arab warmongering and attempt at dominance.
-Sacrifice their existance under their government's inaction.
-Sins of the world--the people and the countries that sit back and do nothing.

America is your friend even though our support is one of broken participation.

I agree 1 day of bombing for each rocket would make Israel a safer place. Start with Abbas's place.

My God shield you from the evil.
#11 A Blog For All 15-May-2007
The British are telling the Palestinians to stop the senseless violence. Sorry, but it's not senseless. Hamas knows just how weak Fatah is and they're pressing home the advantage. That means taking out Fatah thugs and rising bloodshed - all with the ...
#12 Glad to Be Right 16-May-2007
I'm so glad to see that there are no trolls about. Rather, I find great and insightful comments by an obviously logical group of people. Israel's labor pains will only get worse before it gets better, we "right" thinking American patriots ;o) stand in solidarity with God's chosen people.

"The prayers of a righteous man avail much"

Jesus, come quickly...
#13 Chaya 16-May-2007
Thanks to all of you for your support. However, you have to do more than write encouraging words. Call your Representatives in Congress; contact your local media - there are plenty of videos on line that can be down; organize a demonstration! - do something more than post on some web site!! It is no different than sitting in your living room - safe and sound - and say "tsk, tsk, tsk - isn't it a shame what is happening to those poor people in Sderot!"
#14 Tel-Chai Nation 16-May-2007
One Jerusalem's got some videos they filmed of what things are like in Sderot with kassam rocket attacks, which have placed many schoolchildren in danger
#15 Brian 16-May-2007

You are absolutely right about that. Everyone needs to lean on their congressional representatives to ensure that the United States continues to side itself with Israel. (If your representative is not responsive to doing so, like the dingus that represents me -- James MORON -- then you need to make sure that they get voted out pronto!)

What kind of Vast Zionist Conspiracy are we, if we can't get Congress to bow to our every whim, right?


In the mean time, I'll continue to do my little thing over at Snapped Shot. At the very least, I hope to keep putting pressure on the press to reform their coverage in the Middle East, since it's so ridiculously one-sided.

Most Respectfully
your humble servant,
#16 fiona 16-May-2007
Just for the record, I'm British and live in the UK :)

Trying to get my MP to do something is like hitting my head against a brick wall.
#17 Rick C 16-May-2007
For whatever it's worth, [b]this[/b] American is 100% on Israel's side. Maybe someday the Palestinians will abandon their hatred, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
#18 Chaya 16-May-2007
Brian - and all of you - you can't imagine how warm it makes me feel to read your kind and supportive words! But it is so hard here for those in Sderot. I am safe - I'm near Tel Aviv and the only thing I do is call this poor excuse for a Prime Minister and yell at some poor guy/gal who is there to take down messages. It is so frustrating! Have you heard about Arkady Gaydmak? He's the one who evacuated hundreds of people from the North during the war last year with Hizbullah. Well, he is doing it again! This time he has sent a large number of buses to evacuate people from Sderot! He is a very rich man originally from Russia who does whatever he can for people. HE should be Prime Minister!!
#19 fiona 18-May-2007
I've heard of Gaydmak. Apparently the government is not happy about him bussing people out of Sderot - is that true?
#20 Chaya 18-May-2007
Yes, it is true; but now the GOVERNMENT is doing the same thing! A synagogue was hit some minutes AFTER 300 people left the building after having dedicated a new Torah.
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