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Weekend at Fidel's.
La Contra Revolucíon has been documenting the rather hilarious transformation of brutally-beloved dictator Fidel Castro into a blogger-of-sorts. Unlike we "real" bloggers, when Fidel says something, the worldwide press repeats it ipso facto. Most comical is the Miami Sun-Sentinel's attempt to get, as El Gusano puts it, "John Q. Cuban's" opinion on Castro's death hospital stay:

The Sun-Sentinel, trying to make a story out of a pile of bull crap, went out to interview the man on the street, Juan Q. Cuban , as it where. And bless them, they found a 33 year old construction worker named, get this ….., Ho Chi Ming Alvarez, (his brother Mao Tse Tung Alvarez wasn’t available)
Ho Chi Ming Alvarez…hahahahahahahaha

Thanks for the chuckle, Gusano!

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