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Answer: Entirely Preventable

Banaz Mahmod: Victim of Tolerance?
Question: What do you call it when a woman contacts the police four times after being threatened with death by her family, and rather than taking action to protect her, the police do nothing?

One would think that the esteemed adherents of the modern liberal values of "tolerance" and "compassion" would recognize when a grave danger is facing their society, and yet time and time again, their overarching need to embrace "multi-culturalism" blinds them to incidents like this.

At what point does multi-culturalism stop, and commonsense begin to take hold? After all, a culture in which it is normal for the male heads of the household to murder females who "bring shame into the family" is not on equal footing with a culture that equally protects the lives and property of both sexes, is it not?

After all, failing to protect equally under the law would be "discrimination," wouldn't it?

The Telegraph article linked above tells us that Ms. Mahmod was "urged" to stay at a safe house, but says nothing about whether the Police did anything at all to stop the actions of her father. Were they protecting his inherent right to threaten his family by not jailing him? Or were they just trying to stay out of the "Peace and Tolerance" crowd's view, avoiding any actions which might bring upon them scorn for being "xenophobic."

I hope the internal investigation will be revealing. One thing's for certain, though: the English government's decades-old policy of disarming its citizens (and thereby outlawing self-defence) sure seems to be doing its citizenry a distinct disservice. Imagine what would have happened if this woman knew she could have defend herself, rather than expecting the entrenched Constabulary bureaucracy to somehow protect her?

It is truly a shame that the Empire has sunk this far.

Update: It is much worse than I had originally thought:

On New Year's Eve 2005, Banaz was found bleeding and terrified after her father tried to kill her. But PC Angela Cornes simply dismissed her as "dramatic and calculating".

Instead of protecting the victim, the officer even considered charging the young woman with criminal damage because she had broken a window to escape.

PC Cornes admitted in court she might have made "a dreadful mistake" and Scotland Yard has launched an internal review into its handling of the case.



#1 Rooster 12-Jun-2007
" is normal for the male heads of the household to murder females who "bring shame into the family" Things that make you go "hmm". What are you trying to tell us Brian? LOL!
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