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GMU Update: Prayer Room Expansion Nixed?

I just stumbled across a lengthy thread discussing George Mason University's Quiet (Islamic) Meditation Space today, and I must say, I'm very impressed with J.A.Sorg's handling of the matter. I've not bothered to participate in Student Government to date, but if our Senators are indeed elected, I would encourage all of you to ensure that J.A. continues to be elected to his office indefinitely:

Apparently not open for everyone.
As for the Meditation Space, I personally want it gone or opened to all religions. A couple months back I wanted to pray the Catholic rosary on a Sunday I couldn't make it to church, and I was told I could not. The people who were there from the MSA were lucky I was in a good mood, because I would have went off on them. Now with all the revelations of what the space has become it is obvious there are two problems: 1) This space is in clear violation of the Establishment Clauseand does not belong in the fashion it does on a public University and the MSA has "bigger" plans for it (An Islamic Education center, are you kidding me? If the Catholic's of this campus had to raise their own money to get a Church and a religious center nearby, and did it, so can MSA. The should not get public taxpayer money for a "religious center" in the JC), and 2) Attempts at negotiating a compromise with MSA to allow other religions and non-religions to use the area have proven to be.....extremely unsuccessful. Add the gender dividing walls, and we are looking at a discrimination lawsuit from someone down the line.

In the rest of that post, he describes in depth how the Facilities responsible for managing the Johnson Centre have essentially denied the MSA's request to expand the space.

Update: After sending Mr. Sorgini an e-mail, I got the following response, which I think speaks volumes about the attitude that the MSA takes towards the University administration and Student Government. Reprinted with his permission:

Mr. Ledbetter,

Trust me, you have not caused me any stress over this matter. The stress has been caused by the SG and other individuals trying to convince the MSA to reach some sort of settlement that would be effective for all Mason students. I am more worried about this getting uglier then it has gotten, but that is only due to the fact that the MSA will not agree to hear any reasonable compromise.

Something will be done about this issue, but as of now I do not know what is going to happen.

With regards,

Joseph Sorgini

My original message:

Subject: Greetings from an Agitator :)

I hope I didn't cause you too much grief with my efforts to expose the MSA's antics to a wider audience. I've been going to GMU for 4 years now, and have finally just gotten completely sick with how much power they think they hold on campus -- how much power they actually do hold, thanks to the incompetent leadership shown by the University administration.

I just discovered this thread today, and am very impressed by your work - Please keep it up!

Most Respectfully,
Brian C. Ledbetter - Mason '08

Update: Welcome, LGF readers!

If you haven't seen it yet, here are some pictures that will help explain the current situation.



#1 B0Z 01-Jun-2007
Keep up the good work and the pressure...
#2 Increase Mather 01-Jun-2007
Amazing! Is anybody in the MSM covering this? Up in Minnesota foot-washing stations are being added by the taxpayer for Muslims wishing to wash before prayer.

Is this a trend? What is going on? Where's the ACLU?

Oh, I forgot, the ACLU only sues Christians and Jews.
#3 Christopher Calandro 01-Jun-2007
Yeah, Brian, stay on them like white on rice. Or stink on shit. Whichever sounds more clever to you.
#4 gary close 01-Jun-2007
I first ran across the meditation room last fall. I was amazed. It is clearly meant as a muslim prayer room with notes posted to the Iman to speak louder so that the women could hear from their segregated prayer area. I asked Del. Ed Scott to write to the president of GMU regarding my concerns about the clear violation of constitutional law the room creates. The response from GMU was pure PC speak. If the Baptist Student Union asked for similar treatment the ACLU would be all over this like white on rice. Where are they now?
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