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Kindergarden Graduations, Jihadi Style

You really have to watch this whole video. Can you feel the peace, tolerance, and understanding yet?

Is this really who Condi Rice says Israel must make peace with? They look real peaceful...

"What is your path? Jihad."

Lovely little paragons of "diversity," aren't they?


Welcome, fellow Crittenden fans! Additional commentary can be found at: Hot Air.



#1 daniel 01-Jun-2007
Some guy (Shimon Peres) said you can only make peace with your enemies. He forgot however that you first ought to defeat them before you can get around to peacemaking.

Enemies are enemies for a reason, they don't go through the entire business of being your enemy just because you're nog nice enough to them.

The only negotiations that are possible with an enemy, are negotiations about your surrender. Afterall, you're enemy is still an enemy and would prefer to get by talking what he otherwise would attempt get by fighting. And if you don't surrender, he will resume the fight. Obviously, he's still your enemy.

Welcome to the wacky world we call the Middle East Peaceprocess.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Jun-2007
Very well said, Daniel!

How'd you run across Snapped Shot, if I may ask? You definitely seem to bring quite a bit of experience to the discussion!

#3 Blue Star Chronicles 01-Jun-2007
Take a look at a recent Palestinian kindergarten graduation ceremony ...
#4 Steve from Yellowstone 01-Jun-2007
I must say, Brian, that the middle east peace process is a tedious one to say the least. The only negotions that are possible at all with such a savage nation are impossible with.... RAAAAMONNNNNNNNNN GET THIS FAGGOT A CUP OF PISS LEMONADE!
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Jun-2007
I must really apologize for my readers... Steve's been coming here all the time, and he always spouts off this crazy stuff. Half the time, nobody knows what he's saying...

So Steve, how's Yellowstone been lately?

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