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Rumble in the Old Dominion?

It would seem that Kilo is throwing down a rather hefty gauntlet this morning, accusing Waldo Jaquith of falsely attributing a comment on this thread to Carl.

Personally, I can see how Waldo could've done this inadvertently -- most likely by mis-identifying the IP address which originated the comment. For instance, if the commenter in question happened to live in the same city as Carl, the address which showed up might have been in the same general range as Kilo's.

I am fond of both gentlemen in question, so I'm not going to pick sides. They have both been admirable representatives of each side of the Commonwealth's blogosphere. But seriously? I know we've all gotten our feathers in a ruffle after this past Tuesday's primary elections, but we really don't need to be so uncivil with each other, do we? If Waldo made a mistake, I trust him to have the integrity to admit it. And if he didn't make a mistake, then I expect he'll offer evidence to bolster his position.

Either way, I think we'd all be advised to step back a bit, take a deep breath, and do our best to conduct ourselves in a manner appropriate of the esteemed title, "Virginian."

Update: Waldo lays out his evidence, plus more via e-mail. I must say, I've been known to go on various blogs and post pseudonymous comments which are irreverent, but I generally only do so on blogs which condone that type of thing, and try to keep it funny. To do so in a serious manner on a political blog, in the middle of a serious discussion, tends to have another definition.

I'll be waiting to hear what Carl has to say in response.



#1 Wise Girl 15-Jun-2007
I am also a member of Carl's blog and a frequent inhabitant of Spark it Up HQ. I know for a fact Kilo did not make this comment.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2007

I consider myself friendly with both parties, so I'm rather surprised by this. Waldo has responded privately laying out his evidence (and followed up publicly on his blog), and it's fairly conclusive. I can understand pseudonymous sparring on occasion, but we should at least all be able to come forward and present ourselves truthfully if we need to.

I'm eagerly anticipating Carl's followup. Hopefully, there is a rational explanation to all of this.

Most Respectfully,
#3 Wise Girl 15-Jun-2007
I made the fact of the matter comment in Waldo's last post. He does not have a clue who made the comment. All that is a fact is that kilo has commented from the same Ip.
You know that to be a fact also Brian. Is that (this) Ip Kilo's? Mine? A business? Kilo is well known to say what he means, not only on his blog but face to face. Those who know him can testify to that. Waldo is still mad because of Kilo calling him out on many subjects.
The common sense factor here is Kilo publicly calls Waldo a liar, posts it on Spark it Up and signs his name. Why would he not do the same on the said comment? Waldo is mad and searching.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2007

Thank you for clarifying things further. While I agree with the "grayness" of IP-to-subject identification in online activity, there are some cases in which a subject can be inferred. Granted, it can't be determined to 100% veracity.

Like I said, I think very highly of both parties, and wish they would figure out a way to get this behind them and move along.

#5 Kilo 17-Jun-2007
Thank you for the link Brian. I did not make that comment and Waldo knows that. It did not come from "my computer" either.
Waldo has issues with me from way back.
You and I both know he does not have a clue as to who made that comment or if it was "my" computer that it came from. Typical smear tactics he has used before. The revealing thing is the comment in question. Was it rude? No. Was it obscene? No. Was it false in content? No. Yet it was made from a Ip address that I have commented from in the past so instead of aruing the content, Waldo chose to assign blame to me. Think about it.
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Jun-2007

I understand where you're coming from, but think that you both might be overreacting a bit. From where I'm sitting--going on information which has been presented in the public on both of your blogs, and based on some e-mails directly with Waldo--it looks to me like he made an honest mistake. I don't think he did it to slander you personally, and if it weren't for the IP address matching (which, granted, doesn't mean as much as it used to), I'm confident that he never would have even considered attributing that comment to you. Heck, based on the fact that the person in question made the comment they did from [i]your[/i] location, if not computer, I might've done the same thing.

And frankly, even though we all might disagree very significantly on the issues facing the Commonwealth, we're all bigger than writing like this. Personal attacks belittle [i]all[/i] of our positions, and detract from the points that we're all trying to communicate. Frankly, as Virginians, I think we should consider ourselves above such petty bickering.

Again, I'll say: Perhaps it's time we all take a deep breath, reflect on what we're all trying to say, and get back to entertaining our readers.

I continue to hold both of you in the highest regards,

Most Respectfully,
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