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Palestinian Self-Governance

Here's an interesting insight from a blogger who's on the ground in the Gaza Strip:

By the time we got there all the furniture, including the toilets and bathtubs were long gone and swarms of Palestinians, young and old, were digging into the house’s infrastructure, ripping out electrical wiring from the walls, tearing out ceramic tiles from the bathroom, and ripping up the marble flooring. They were hammering out door frames, pulling wooden slats off the roof, carting out handfuls of spanish roofing tiles, and digging up the garden plants. Looters were uprooting 25 foot tall palm trees.

The boy digging up the tree paused and turned to us. “He lives like a king, and we have nothing to eat,” he said, before returning to his work.


At the fallen security compounds, Palestinians gathered around to curiously see Hamas’ new power. A 14 year old boy was banging down a Fatah flag hanging on an electrical pole.

"Fatah is in hell. They’ve fled to Israel. Fatah are cowards,” he said. “I will tear up this flag. We hate them because they are collaborators with the Jews.”

Update: Carl in Jerusalem is reporting that Fatah may not be as well-supported in the West Bank as I had previously thought. Very interesting, and not incredibly good news for Ismael Haniyeh Mahmoud Abbas. [Ed.:-It's arguably not good news for Ismael, either, but I meant to say Abbas. If is government loses legitimacy in the eyes of the terror-supporting public in the West Bank, he's done.]

As always, GatewayPundit is beating the tar outta me on covering these developments. Be sure to hang out over there if you're interested in rapid updates. (Dang you and your "free" time, Jim!) :)


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