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Palestine: Bush's Fault?

So says The Elder of Ziyon, who I endeavour to serve as faithfully as I can, always.

Kidding, of course.

The long and short of Elder's commentary is that Bush's concessions and tendency to look the other way immediately following the 2006 Hamas electoral landslide gave them something of a "veil" of legitimacy from which they're launching their current attacks. Or something to that effect.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd go so far as to blame W. personally for this current war. After all, the scorpion's nature has been predetermined for generations, so it's not like we should be surprised that it is what it is. But alas, I'd definitely be willing to argue that there are some misguided souls in the State Department who have enabled Islamic extremism to become as strong throughout the world as it is.

If you want to solve the modern problem of terrorism, we need to take our gloves off, and use The Fred! Approach to Diplomacy and take the battle back to the insurgents, on their horrific terms.

A bloodthirsty people, when confronted with extinction, are certain to reconsider their insanity.

Update: Here are some brilliant words of wisdom from Ed Morrissey:

We've seen some of the same nonsense in comments here, and that's exactly what it is -- nonsense. People have been pushing for a two-state solution since at least Oslo, but no one wanted to confront the reality of the Palestinian condition. Holding elections and withdrawing from Gaza proved what many had tried to tell the world: that the Palestinians weren't interested in two-state solutions.

In a free and fair election, the people get the government they choose. The Palestinians chose the worst of two terrorist groups to govern them. That finally forced the US and the EU to quit pretending that the Palestinians as a whole were a peace-loving people who just wanted their own piece of land. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel, and they voted for the faction that most clearly expressed that desire as policy.

Update: The State Department needs to read A Blog For All on this... or as I like to call it, Condi's Must-Read List.



#1 captainfish 15-Jun-2007
Thanks for this Brian.
While I don't BLAME Pres. Bush for the upset people in the Middle East, I do put some blame on his and his administration's shoulders for not standing up to terrorists. He should have put his foot down immediately when Hamas got elected. But no, they still allow money and weapons to flow into the area.

Israel should have also put its foot down and refused all contact with the PalArabs until Hamas was thrown out of the govt. But, Israel will follow after the actions of the US.

But then, Israel is not really going to do much of anything now that Barak was elected President. He is more anti-Israel than France is.

Why anyone in the world would still be pushing for a two-state solution is beyond reasonable and sane. But yet, that is what Barak has done and is doing. Israel is asking for its own demise.

I also liked EOZ's analysis on Iran and Hamas. Though, I feel that this would be the tipping point for Israel. Well, should be. Should be no way that Israel stands still having Iran's direct access to its borders.
#2 Elder of Ziyon 15-Jun-2007
I am not quite blaming Bush fr Hamas - obviously the Palestinian Arabs bear most of the responsibility. WhatI do blame the administration for is the fact that Gaza held elections way before Palestinian Arabs had ever tasted true freedom. Any push for democracy needs to be preceded by a time period of freedom; specifically freedom of ideas. Palestan never had that.

If Bush would push Egypt for "free" elections today, the Muslim Brotherhood would win. Everyone knows that would be worse than the corrupt Mubarak government. Why didn't the US see the same dynamic in Gaza before being hell-bent on a fake "democracy"?

True, as lawhawk points out, now everyone knows that Palestinians in Gaza do not deserve any slack. But that is a hollow victory for Israel which still must endure rocket and terror attacks from a statelet that will become a satellite of Iran. This is hardly good news.
#3 Elder of Ziyon 15-Jun-2007
I meant Morrissey, not lawhawk.
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