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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

That's funny...

... the Safari 3 beta seems to work just fine for me:

Safari 3 (beta), running on Windows XP.

And even though it's an early beta, I'd like to point out that many of Apple's beta products exceed the quality of your average Microsoft release!

If you're interested in it, go here to attain the zen happiness of a virus-free internet, even on your vastly inferior Windows PC. For free.




#1 Donkeyrock 13-Jun-2007
*Damn*, Brian... why you gotta play me like that? :>

I'm sure it IS my vastly inferior Windows XP computer. I was a mac head until 2001, then I had to switch to PCs for work. Now that Mac can run both Windows and Mac OS with Bootcamp, going back to Mac seems like a good idea.

For now, I have to deal with blanky goodness from Safari on this computer. Hey, glad it works for you, though. I'll have to wait until it's out of beta to try again.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jun-2007
Hehehe! Glad I could entertain you for a moment!

Seriously, the beta is a bit rough around the edges - I ran into a handful of bugs related to form submission *right* after I finished putting together this post.

Murphy's Law and all...

Hopefully, they'll get the bugs worked out here soon. It really is an *awesomely* fast web browser, and has served me *very* well these past few years.

Regards, and keep up the awesome work!
#3 Donkeyrock 13-Jun-2007
I'd probably use Firefox most of the time anyway, no matter what platform I'm on, but I definitely wanted to try Safari to see how it performed.

For now I'm going to go find out how much a sweet Macbook Pro will cost me, and if I can get by with only one kidney. Gotta pay for that sucker somehow. :>
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jun-2007
Hehehe... For most websites, Safari is pretty awesome (Safari 2, that is). It's fast, virus free, and relatively non-crashy.

Of course, if you use a lot of add-ons and plugins, Firefox is way ahead. I just can't stand the whole monolithic "Mozilla-ness" of it.

If you're looking to unload a kidney or two, I'm sure I could make some calls to the local Chinese "volunteer" organ donation suppliers... wink wink.

Kidding, of course! :)

#5 Donkeyrock 14-Jun-2007
Come to the dark side. Mozilla-ness is calling youuuu. :>
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