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Dare I say Quagmire?

I dare!

It would seem that Hamas has now gained almost complete control over the Gaza Strip after a long series of protracted gunbattles with their former partners in peace from Fatah.

May I be the first to demand that Hamas immediately withdraw all of its occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, and that a Sextuplet of Peace be convened to work out an international solution to this mire of quagmire that has encompassed the area?

A Palestinian Hamas militant places a Hamas force flag on top of headquarters of security forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas after they seized it in Gaza June 13, 2007.REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

Update: It seems that Hamas has some demands of its own. Touché!

I'm sure it's still not a civil war to the press and the assorted flower children who hold to the notion that this is Israel's Fault™.

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#1 forest 13-Jun-2007
Congratulations Hamas! You've won control of the Gaza Strip!
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