The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

I Blame Washington

After all, the people we have sent to represent us in D.C. have become the singularly most self-insulated bunch of know-nothings in the history of our Republic. Well, other than the real Know-Nothings, that is.

Seriously. My congressman, Jim "Blame Da Joos" Moran, cared not a whit when I wrote to him to beg him to address illegal immigration, as it is having a dramatically negative impact on the quality of life in my neck of Fairfax County. Jim Warner didn't care either, giving me the traditionally braindead (and totally false) "America is a nation of immigrants" canard. George Allen seemed to get the message, but we all know what happened to him (Uh, "Profoundly disrespected and helpless?" One word...)

As a whole, the entire body of Congress seems less interested in representing local interests now than it is in regulating foreign areas. Like, for instance, declaring billions of acres in the Western United States to be off-limits to human development, while the Potomac Anacostia River [Ed:-need more coffee...], which is entirely within the District, remains a polluted, disgusting waste.

So, in the interest of spurring a bit of di-alogue, who do you blame? Sound off here in the comments, if you dare! How have your representatives in Washington represented you?


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