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A bustling amusement park has been the scene of the latest bombing in Lebanon, which has apparently killed anti-Syrian MP Walid Eido, one of his sons, and two people accompanying him. Reportedly, as many as 20 other people were injured in the blast. This is the seventh bombing [the 6th successful] within the past six weeks, continuing Syria's attempt to topple the Lebanese government. You can find more details over at Pat's place - I'll post updates as soon as I have 'em.

A Lebanese soldier runs to secure the area of an explosion in Beirut June 13, 2007. A blast in Beirut on Wednesday killed anti-Syrian MP Walid Eido, one of his sons and two other people who were with him, security sources said. REUTERS/Fadi Ghalioum (LEBANON)

UPDATE: Here's a firsthand account of the bombing, from a blogger who was on the scene! (h/t Gateway)



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