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The Jihadi Drink of Choice

The wires are alive with shots of Hamas celebrating their own "divine victory" over the less-extreme Fatah killers "Western puppets." And, as any group of celebrants are wont to do, they partake in all kinds of imbibery.

Palestinian militants from Hamas drink energy drinks as they celebrate their capture of the Preventive Security headquarters during fighting with Fatah loyalist security forces in Gaza City, Thursday, June 14, 2007. Hamas fighters overran one of the rival Fatah movement's most important security installations in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, and witnesses said the victors dragged vanquished gunmen from the building and executed them in the street. The capture of the Preventive Security headquarters was a major step forward in Hamas' attempts to complete its takeover of all of Gaza.(AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Bonus points to any reader who suggests alternate possibilities of what's in the can!



#1 Rooster 14-Jun-2007
It's not Red Bull. Looks like it may be that Stacker 2 drink. Where can i get some??!!!
#2 Debaser 14-Jun-2007
I'm thinking it's probably something from the Urine fatwah. It's probably "Muhammad-aide". Flavored like piss for that straight from the prophet taste.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 14-Jun-2007
Rooster--I think you + that stacker stuff might be just a little bit too much for the world to handle. Might be a good idea to step aaaaway from that caaaan, mannnnn.

Debaser--Two points for an excellent callback, and another three for crudity!

#4 captainfish 14-Jun-2007
"The BLOOD of martyrs"

They really must love that stuff, they kill enough of them.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2007
That'd be two points, Cap'n... though I think if we wanted to turn the tables on 'em, we could float rumours that they are drinking the blood of Jewish babies.
#6 captainfish 15-Jun-2007

All we need to do is get someone in the area to send a text message to a Palestinian that has a semi-formal basis that states the rumor that Red-Bull actually stands for "blood of the jew".

I mean,.... what do Jews do during their festivals? They sacrifice red cows and sprinkle its blood all over the place.

Wouldn't this be a perfect way for the Jews to spread their evil??

WOnder if EOZ knows of a way to get this done. heheheheee
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