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A Taxing Solution to Immigration?

Fox News is reporting that North Carolina is considering a bill that would tax international money transfers at 5%, which is similar to a proposal which was rejected in Georgia a year ago.

I've long argued that curtailing the flow of cash southward would remove a large part of the incentive of coming to America (i.e., to earn money here and send it home to support family), and think that this is an excellent start. If we were to do something like this here in the Commonwealth, we'd tap into a captive revenue stream (since many of the people sending money southbound are ineligible to vote due to their immigration status), while providing a clear disincentive to illegal immigrants seeking to move here.

If only there were someone in our General Assembly who had the moral fortitude to put forth a bill like this here in the Commonwealth--someone who is willing to stand up for Virginia for a change.



#1 Rooster 14-Jun-2007
Al Gore is a C--t.
#2 captainfish 14-Jun-2007
Tax it?? They want to tax it?

How about confiscating it as those illegals who are attempting to move the money are laundering illegally gotten gains across international borders. If the person can not show proof of citizenship, then the money is forfeited.

A comment about money-changers.... vile.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2007

Good to see that you are a member of the "Ruthless Party," too. If only we had leaders who had the courage to say "no" for a change... instead, we are relegated to being a nation of whinging babies, ruled by an unrelenting flock of nannies who "allow" us to do things, but seem to be wholly unable to deny us (by which I mean, "special interest groups") anything at all.

#4 captainfish 15-Jun-2007
"Ruthless Party"??

Hahahahaa.. wow. Thanks. I didn't even know I was a member. Must mean my constitutional party was either overtaken or merged with your party. For me, don't take it. While the whinies may call us "ruthless", I see us as law-abiders. Law is supposed to be non-partisan and unbiased. Law is supposed to be fair and its use spread equally and evenly across the land.

But, as we have seen lately, those who are illegal or are considered a "minority" are treated with more respect and allowed to gain more protections under the law than the "majority".

How else can you explain this new law that would make it a federal law that illegals can get in-state tuition in schools, can transfer monies across international borders, or can be included in a massive amnesty program while legal residents of the same country are ineligible for amnesty. Amnesty should be fair and equal. If one group can get amnesty for years of law breaking and sometimes felonies, then residents should as well.

Ok, I guess I am a member of the "Ruthless Party" after all. At least, I am getting to that point.

I think it is far past the point where Americans take their government back from these tyrants (as stated in our CONSTITUTION).

Thanks for your blog Brian.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2007
At one point in time, it wasn't considered "ruthless" to follow the law as written, and enforce it as such. Sadly, those days are gone, as we're too brainless and "compassionate" for the clear-headed leadership that it takes to successfully hold an evil world in cheque.

The British, when they had a clear understanding of human nature, were a very powerful (and stabilising) force in the world. Too bad they lost their "stiff-lipped" touch so long ago.

I'm glad you're enjoying it here! You are always welcome! :)

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