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Rage Boy Identity Sighting

Wow, who knew that Rage Boy had a name? My bet's on it being a fake, of course.

Indian Kashmiri Muslim man Shakeel Bhat, 31, chants anti-British slogans during a demonstration in Srinagar to protest the decision of the British government to award novelist Salman Rushdie a knighthood, 22 June 2007. He has become the face of Muslim fury: an angry young man whose bushy beard and fiery-eyed scowl take centre stage at nearly every pro-Islamic demonstration in Indian Kashmir.(AFP/File/Rouf Bhat)

Sighting: Srinagar, India
Date: 22 June 2007
Hair: Short
Beard: Shaggy
Name: Shakeel Bhat
Age: 31
Mood: Still Ragin'

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#1 mjc 05-Jul-2007
"you go fuck a goat"...Rage Boy
#2 mjc 05-Jul-2007
One more...

"it's not about this rusty trombone, or the dirty Sanchez...Cincinatti bow tie"
#3 Jonathon 05-Jul-2007
All that I can think of while looking at Rage Boy's photo is that, without an accident of history, he would today be a peaceful Hindu instead of a warmongering Muslim.

The ancestors of this man were undoubtedly Hindus and revered the sacred texts handed down from the Aryans. His mind would be full of contemplations of Lord Krishna or Lord Rama, and not full of hatred insipred by the words of Mohammed.

Also, I think that it is very odd that this man would seek out photographers and get his face in print on multiple occasions. Isn't there a prohibition on photographs and illustrations of people in Islam?
#4 PM 05-Jul-2007
3 Jonathon

He is a Former terrorist, who had changed his path from "Jihad of weapons" to "Jihad of Propaganda" ..

for link click my Nick :)
#5 Captain_Lewis 06-Jul-2007
I find most funny the short, neat hair combined with the long, stringy beard. It's like a reverse-mullet: business on top, crazy-jihad on the bottom.
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