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Professional Protester, Jihadi-style


Guess what? Islamic Rage Boy has been sighted again on Friday the 22nd of June--The Worldwide DAY OF RAGE (Salman Rushdie Edition). Be sure to check the latest sighting out!

Update again:

This has gotten so popular, that I'm making a game out of spotting Rage Boy. If you run across him in your local newspaper and/or friendly website, be sure to let me know!

Update: Rage Boy hits the BBC. CAIR responds, as they are wont to do.

Major Update: Rage Boy has made it to NPR! I'll have the audio and transcript shortly.

Update: Rage Boy has been published in The Daily Mail (UK). Snapped Shot's reaction and commentary is here.

Big kudos to AMDScooter at P.C. Perspective for pointing this out. I can't believe I missed it!


A Kashmiri protester shouts pro-freedom and pro-Pakistan slogans during the joint funeral procession of Bilal Ahmed Dar and two rebels in the village of Narwara, some 40 Kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Srinagar, India, Tuesday, June 19, 2007. Thousands of people marched in Indian-controlled Kashmir Tuesday protesting the killing of 17-year-old Bilal Ahmed Dar by government forces, who locals claim had no ties to militant groups. The teen was killed along with two rebels Monday in a gun battle between police and suspected Kashmiri rebels in the village of Chewdara. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

Last year:

I dunno, maybe because you're always ragin'?

For the record, the photo in question is a photoshop. The original is a slightly different angle of this photo, from this Snapped Shot classic, which describes last year's violent protest over Pope Benedict XVI's [Ed.: Sorry about that, my Catholic friends. I really am quite dense sometimes...] "caustic" comments:

Members of Muslim League Jammu Kashmir (MLJK) shout slogans during a demonstration in Srinagar, India, Friday, Sept. 15, 2006. Police detained dozen of members of MLJK after they took out a protest demonstration against Pope Benedict XVI for making what it called 'derogatory' comments about Islam, and seeking an apology from him for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

Great work, Scooter! Be sure to get your ISLAMIC RAGE BOY gear over here! (Background on how he got his name over here as well.)

Update: Just ran into another couple of photos of Rage Boy in the Getty AFP archives. See 'em all beyond the fold!

UPDATE: I am truly humbled to have contributed a small part to a story by hizzoner sir Christopher Hitchens. His is truly a voice of sanity in a world gone batty, even if he is somewhat mistaken (in my most humble opinion) on the question of theism. God Bless, sir!
SRINAGAR, INDIA: An Activist of Indian administered Kashmir's Peoples Poltical Party (PPP) shouts Anti-Israeli slogans in Srinagar, 16 February 2007, during a one day strike. The strike was called by Kashmiri muslim rebel group Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen to protest against what they termed as "The Israeli conspiracy to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. AFP PHOTO/Irshad KHAN (Photo credit should read IRSHAD KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Activists of Indian administered Kashmir's Peoples Poltical Party (PPP) shout Anti-Israeli slogans in Srinagar, 16 February 2007, during a one day strike. The strike was called by Kashmiri muslim rebel group Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen to protest against what they termed as "The Israeli conspiracy to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. AFP PHOTO/Irshad KHAN (Photo credit should read IRSHAD KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Activists from The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) shout anti-Indian slogans as they scuffle with policemen during a demonstration in Srinagar,28 September 2006, held to protest against the scheduled execution of a Muslim man convicted of helping mastermind a 2001 attack on the national parliament. Police in revolt-hit Indian Kashmir fired teargas to break up a protest against orders to execute convicted Mohammed Afzal of helping mastermind a December 2001 attack on parliament. The protest came a day after an Indian judge told authorities to hang Afzal, a Kashmiri, 20 October, at New Delhi's Tihar Jail over the attack that brought nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war. AFP PHOTO/ Tauseef MUSTAFA (Photo credit should read TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

Here is the original angle of our iconic "Rage Boy" shot:

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian Kashmiri activists of the pro-Pakistani Muslim League Jammu Kashmir (MLJK) shout slogans against Pope Benedict XVI during a protest in Srinagar 15 September 2006. Pope Benedict XVI's attack on Islam has stirred anger in India with the head of the National Commission for Minorities saying he sounded like a medieval crusader. Pope Benedict provoked worldwide outcry with comments 12 September during a visit to his native Germany in which he talked about the "issue of jihad, holy war" a term used by Islamic extremists to justify acts of terror. AFP PHOTO Sajjad HUSSAIN (Photo credit should read SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

And check out how tough our "Rage Boy" looks soon thereafter:

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian policemen arrest Indian Kashmiri activists of the pro-Pakistani Muslim League Jammu Kashmir (MLJK) as they stage a protest against Pope Benedict XVI in Srinagar 15 September 2006. Pope Benedict XVI's attack on Islam has stirred anger in India with the head of the National Commission for Minorities saying he sounded like a medieval crusader. Pope Benedict provoked worldwide outcry with comments 12 September during a visit to his native Germany in which he talked about the "issue of jihad, holy war" a term used by Islamic extremists to justify acts of terror. AFP PHOTO Sajjad HUSSAIN (Photo credit should read SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Even farther back, it seems our Rage Boy had some thoughts on the DANISH CARTOON CRISIS (which was before the epoch of Snapped Shot) as well:

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Kashmiri Muslims hold a Holy Koran as they shout anti-US and anti-Danish slogans during a demonstration in Srinagar, 03 March 2006. Thousand of activists protested against the visit of US President Bush to India and the publication of cartoons depicting The Prophet Mohammed in European papers. Kashmir is in the grip of a 16-year-old insurgency against Indian rule that has left more than 44,000 people dead by official count. Seperatists put the toll twice high. AFP PHOTO/Tauseef MUSTAFA (Photo credit should read TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

He's got a problem with the proper use of copyright, too:

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian policemen arrest a protester during a demonstration in Srinagar 28 February 2006. Hundreds of demonstrators fought with the police in street battles as they were protesting against the publication of a picture showing Islam's holiest shrine, Mecca's Grand Mosque, displayed on a playing card in the leading Indian magazine 'India Today'. AFP PHOTO Sajjad HUSSAIN (Photo credit should read SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian Kashmiri Muslim men shout pro-Islam slogans and burn a flag during a demonstration held against the publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed, in Srinagar 10 February 2006. Dozens of protestors burnt Danish flags as they expressed their anger at the cartoons, first published in a Danish daily in September and since widely reprinted, sparking a wave of Muslim fury. AFP PHOTO Tauseef MUSTAFA (Photo credit should read TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

Always in trouble with the law, this silly guy:

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian Kashmiri Muslim men shout pro-Islam slogans as Indian policemen keep watch during a demonstration held against the publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed, in Srinagar 10 February 2006. Dozens of protestors burnt Danish flags as they expressed their anger at the cartoons, first published in a Danish daily in September and since widely reprinted, sparking a wave of Muslim fury. AFP PHOTO Tauseef MUSTAFA (Photo credit should read TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian Kashmiri Muslim men shout pro-Islam slogans as Indian policemen keep watch during a demonstration held against the publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed, in Srinagar 10 February 2006. Dozens of protestors burnt Danish flags as they expressed their anger at the cartoons, first published in a Danish daily in September and since widely reprinted, sparking a wave of Muslim fury. AFP PHOTO Tauseef MUSTAFA (Photo credit should read TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP/Getty Images)

SRINAGAR, KASHMIR, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 20: Kashmiri men protest state elections outside the Jama Masjid mosque September 20, 2002 in Indian state of Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar. After the Friday afternoon prayers, anti-Indian Muslim protesters took to the streets to voice their feelings about the elections as police responded with tear gas. The next round of polling takes place September 24. (Photo by Ami Vitale/Getty Images)

Somebody give this guy an Oscar!

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#1 forest 19-Jun-2007
He's quite the performer.

I wonder if he does Bar Mitzvahs?
#2 discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus 20-Jun-2007
The eagerly anticipated Return of the World Famous Islamic Rage Boy™
#3 Puneet Madaan 20-Jun-2007
WOW... this is kashmir brand of paliwood..

but how many times does he really got arrested?
#4 Emily 20-Jun-2007
Green helmet guy, crying lebanese woman, Islamic rage boy...honestly, this is getting so ridiculous.
#5 Provoslavni 20-Jun-2007
Either this lunatic is everywhere or the Pakis have discovered how to clone. Ahh, the advances of Islamic science.
#6 Urban+Infidel 20-Jun-2007
Brilliant assemblage of his appearances!

We have professional protesters here in NY too. I see them at nearly every demonstration I've photographed.
#7 allahfanculo 20-Jun-2007
Rageboy, here this: I wipe my SHOES on you KKKoran. I am loath to wipe my ASS with it because I want the CLEAN it - not sully it further after a bowel movement.

This is your brain: (0)
This is your brain on islam: (.)
#8 allahfanculo 20-Jun-2007
Rageboy, hear this: I wipe my SHOES on your KKKoran. I am loath to wipe my ASS with it because I want the CLEAN mt ass - not sully it further after a bowel movement.

This is your brain: (0)
This is your brain on islam: (.)
#9 elissaF 20-Jun-2007
They're called activists. Activists are involved in protests. Yes, you see them at similar protests over and over. Your point?
#10 Sam Widge 20-Jun-2007
Greetings all,

I'm a producer for the upcoming hit reality show Top Martyr. This "Rageboy" person would be a great addition to our already incredible cast of Top Martyr.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with Rageboy? Does he have an agent? If so, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you,

Sam Widge
Top Martyr - It's Da Bomb
#11 "Islamic Rage Boy"'s Agent 21-Jun-2007
I'm sorry Mr. Widge, but Islamic Rage Boy has a busy schedule. He is currently perparing for this Friday's Rushdie Rage Bash.

#12 postpolitical 21-Jun-2007

(image: SnappedShot)
Brian Ledbetter has a hilarious retrospective photo album of the ubiquitous “Islamic Rage Boy” (pictured above). Rage Boy appears to be a professional protester in Srinagar, India, who can be found at virtually every M...
#13 cake 21-Jun-2007
What a great point you have made. I wonder what else is false, we probably haven't killed anyone in Iraq at all, it all a bunch of lies, and this proves it. In fact, there was no war at all. Everybody is throwing flowers and singing songs together. You must be very proud of your research. We need more people like you, I guess Fox is hiring at the moment.

Also, it was a different guy in each picture, you are just too racist to see that! (All towel heads look alike)
#14 Luke 21-Jun-2007
Fuck those islamists... who dont f* GET`IT that muhammad was a pedofile killer who killed murdered molested and sold many people...

Luke* Denmark
#15 Mark 21-Jun-2007
Go, rage boy, go! Show the world how fake all this crap is in the first place. Woo-hoo.
#16 Mark 21-Jun-2007
Uh, by No. 13, I meant the entire crap that is the islamic world from A-Z, just so that no one will "mis"-understand me :)
#17 Eternalsoul 21-Jun-2007
Aaaaah! Too funny. Made my day seeing Rage Boy. Thank you for the laffs.
#18 Cynthia Jones 21-Jun-2007
Can anyone tell me were I can get Islamic Rage Boy car stickers? Also for Haloween I want to get Rage Boy pygamas and stick on beard, teeth and eyebrowse.
#19 Matamoros 21-Jun-2007
Elissa F: "They're called activists... Your point?"

Another humorless leftist enters the fray. However much you may support his "activism" Elissa, I'm afraid that to him you'd be just another "immoral" Western woman to persecute and victimise.
#20 forest 21-Jun-2007

Check out the link to Rage Boy gear under the third photo.
#21 Moonbat McMarxist 21-Jun-2007
Yeah, people who get angry over losing relatives and loved ones and then react without thought, only irrational emotions are silly. Everyone's lost someone, get over it! See how we responded to 9/11? We did it with courage and conviction, not irrational emotion. How else could we kill 600,000 civillians and call it collateral damage with no more than the blink of an eye? How else could we calculatedly make billions off the deaths of not only others but our own citizens? USA! USA! USA!
#22 forest 21-Jun-2007
elissa and cake,

Great parodies of moonbat thinking! The part about it being a different guy in each picture is my favorite.

Personally, I'd say it's a big conspiracy. This guy's fits of rage are clearly *controlled explosions*. /sarc
#23 Anonymous 21-Jun-2007
Poor thing must have sand in his vagina.
#24 forest 21-Jun-2007

I think these are the reasons for calling attention to Rage Boy:

1. He reacts with blind rage to a range of incidents including things as ridiculous as cartoons in Denmark or the Pope's comments.

2. There is always a photographer there to catch the show and put the photos out on the wires.
#25 Steve 21-Jun-2007
Come on....he has got to make you laugh.

On a serious side: I have stopped
feeling for the Palistinians and their "cause". There have been so many
more terrible things that have happen
to other people (my people too) and
we have all got over it and rebuilt
and live in peace. With their logic,
being a Canadian-Polish person, I should
hate Germans, but I don't....

Get over it and move on.
#26 Neoluddite 21-Jun-2007
I wonder if he's related to Flat Fatima.
#27 Infidelsalwayswin 21-Jun-2007
The thing about the Palestinians is that their plight (which does exist, thought is small relatively speaking) is totally self-inflicted and perpetuated. In fact, their only chance of any sort of semblence of a decent life lies with Israel. Unfortuantely, they've been indoctrinated to despise Jews, and so their plight, small though it is, will be eternal.
Boy, this guy looks angry. Being a Muslim must be terrible.
#28 madisonsfriend 21-Jun-2007
When is the movie coming out? Are there Rage Boy figures yet- with flag burning action arm?
And Elisa- activists are not the same as those who burn, riot and kill. I know the Islamic fundies and their supporters like to be called activists and freedom fighters- I like to go the (new and improved) BBC one step further- not calling them militants but the true term- terrorists.
#29 arjun 21-Jun-2007
#30 Andy 21-Jun-2007
I think Rage Boy has a siamese twin connected by a 5-ft., 1-in.-around- flesh-protusion at the hip because I believe his twin is a professional cameraman. Nevertheless, I believe he has a promising career in entertainment. If he has a wife/wives, then he should be allowed to participate on the show Wifeswap and should switch places with Bill Clinton. The combined drama of Hillary's zany politics with Rage Boy's crazy anti-American and anti-Israeli antics would be sure to leave us laughing so hard we'd be farting out our nostrils! Meanwhile, Bill Clinton would be cooped up with four beautiful, submissive, Pakistani which I'm sure he would be most satisfied. If you support this idea, write to Senator Clinton about it. I think Rage Boy is all for it.
#31 Rampaige 21-Jun-2007
Moonbat McMarxist, next time get your numbers from someone OTHER than Rosie.
#32 Kim 21-Jun-2007
OMG, this is so freakin' funny :D
#33 acme 21-Jun-2007
Rage Boy? Rage Boy?

I thought this was the "See Deb Frisch Freak Out Again" site.
#34 Puneet+Madaan 21-Jun-2007
At last, its Friday...

now Let's Check, what Islamic Sages offers from Indian subcontinent.

work of Kashmiri's Hindu sages is well known to world as mediating yogas...
#35 Anonymous 21-Jun-2007
I do cocaine. I hear it's somebody's birthday. I spanked your momma.
#36 VonHelton 21-Jun-2007
Hey Moonbat, you realize that Iraq will fit inside the state of Georgia with room to spare, right?

Sheesh.....600,000 dead? Are you INSANE??!!

#37 John 21-Jun-2007
Haha. Down with dope, up with hope.
#38 USpace 22-Jun-2007
Good one, of course the very peaceful 'Muslims' are justified for destroying the whole world over this and anything that makes them pretend they are mad, just like the phony 'Rage Boy'.

What? The Queen can't knight someone she likes? She can't knight someone that other people don't like?

But I'm sure Sir Rushdie has mixed emotions on this; the Queen has put him in much greater danger. Maybe he'll wish he had turned it down.

At least this incident will lose the terrorists at least a few more of their dhimmidiot appeasers.

Islam in it's extreme is more political ideology than religion. In that way, it is only a 'Religion of Peace' in that when Islam rules the planet, there will be no one to be at war with. Where they are given an inch, they demand a mile. Islamic countries are becoming more extreme, extremists rule, they just keep quoting the Koran to justify their Jihad.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
appease religious killers

continue to spoil them
violent tantrums pay off
#39 Dan 22-Jun-2007
TO RAGE BOY (With Thanks to Billie Holiday)

I fell in love with you first time I looked into
Them there eyes
Youve got a certain lil cute way of flirtin with
Them there eyes
They make me feel happy
They make me feel blue
No stallin
Im fallin
Going in a big way for sweet little you
My heart is jumpin
Sure started somethin with
Them there eyes
Youde better watch them if youre wise
They sparkle
They bubble
Theyre gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble
Youre overworkin them
Theres danger lurkin in
Them there eyes
#40 Aussie Dave 22-Jun-2007
He'll always be Zipper Boy to me.
#41 Puneet Madaan 22-Jun-2007
at last, he had shown up in Rushdie Kashmir protest today...

Here is post from LGF.. go check yourself..

#37 Dan
#42 Lila 22-Jun-2007
I saw one of his pictures with a caption "Islam is the Religion of Peace... and we will kill you to prove it"
#43 Sumerian girl 22-Jun-2007
"Somebody give this guy an Oscar!"

Loooooooooooooooooooo00000000oooooooooooL .. give him the oscar of "The sowrd of Islam" as they give this name to Bin Laden just coz they wanted to tease Queen Elizbith for giving Salman Rushdiy that prize !!!.. it craked me up ..
#44 Carl 22-Jun-2007
Rage Boy:
*"I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. DeMille..."*

I'm sure that was his "O" face the first time he was sodomized in picture number 1
#45 Bookworm 25-Jun-2007
Brilliant. I'm always suspicious about all these rallies, and am deeply impressed by your detective work in tracking down one of the professional protesters.
#46 VonHelton 25-Jun-2007
False Claims of Islam:

1. Nowhere in the original aramaic text of the Abrahic Covenant does it mention kissing a rock from the Moon.

2. Gabriel stressed to King David that it was difficult to see him due to demonic forces. Therefore, Mohammad *COULD NOT* have met him in a cave.

3. Murder & suicide are *NOT* condoned.

4. Jesus *NEVER* mentions conquering the world by the sword. In fact, he preached to do good to your enemies.

5. Many of the so-called "Christian attrocities" are in a direct response to Islamic activity.

6. The Romans built cities, aquaducts & sewer systems. The Musims only brought death.
#47 Cover Me, Porkins 25-Jun-2007

They can take our lives, but they can't take our satire.

(Got this one from a certain liberal Moroccan.)
#48 El Cid 25-Jun-2007
These Islamic Fascists won't stop until they finally stir the sleeping giant that is Western Civiliztion to arms. The final crusade, total war, the final solution, if you will. Using our full Nuclear Biological and Chemical capabilities we could end Islamic civilization, no one wants that because many innocents will perish, but there will come a time when we grow weary of their little game.
#49 VonHelton 25-Jun-2007
Exactly. Every other century or so, Islam tries to conquer the world. Will the West do what needs to be done?

......I doubt it. You can't fight a "PC" war with Islam. You either must destroy them, or they will destroy you.

Sadly, the leaders of the West are too PC. How many Muslims has Europe deported? Not near enough, id any at all.

#50 handymom 25-Jun-2007
Oh, come on! We have our own protesters that show up at every opportunity for rage! I wonder if he's related to Jesse Jackson. He's our version of rage at any and all events that can inflame their base.
#51 VonHelton 25-Jun-2007
#52 Pajamas Media 25-Jun-2007
Christopher Hitchens refuses to let Rage Boy take over his life, one particular protester who has been featured often and repeatedly by the media. "And the cameras have been there for him every time."...
#53 winston 25-Jun-2007
He is ugly, isnt he?
#54 Puneet Madaan 26-Jun-2007
you should understand role of propaganda in a war...
#55 Melchizedek 26-Jun-2007
[quote]I wonder if he's related to Jesse Jackson.[/quote]

No, but diligently studied all of Jesse's greatest tricks.
#56 geraldo 26-Jun-2007
#57 jobeth 26-Jun-2007
Am I the only one that has noticed a family likeness in the pictures between Rage Boy and Hillary? Have you ever seen some of her really wild photos! Looks just like him...Umm brother and sister maybe...or worse...mother and son? Oh my!!!!!! That explains a lot!
#58 Sean Coyne 26-Jun-2007
Look at the 3rd photo down of Rage Boy and friends. That was used here in a satirical poster, with the caption:

"Muslim scholar discovers mistake in Koran....martyrs' 71 virgins are all male".

Cracks me up every time.
#59 Ossian 26-Jun-2007

Even better: "Muslim scholar discover mistake in Koran....martyrs' 71 virgins are all female".

#60 brandonesque 26-Jun-2007
He looks a bit like an Islamic Alfalfa. Those little ragin rascals
#61 gongaram 26-Jun-2007
#62 Oliver 26-Jun-2007
VonHelton (#44),

Besides suggesting setting your Way-Back machine to 12th Century Spain, I can think of three contributions. 1.) the number zero; 2.) the term "azimuth" and 3.) algebra (Arabic 'al-jabr,' meaning 'the reduction.'
#63 Cosmo 26-Jun-2007
Did anyone notice how those who are protesting the "Great Satan" sure love their fancy-dress-up-new-American-style baseball caps?

US Army?
Nike? (or is that Nice?)

Without America, Islamic Rage Boy's buddy may be running around in a diaper...
#64 VonHelton 26-Jun-2007
And Spain never recovered.....

1. Oh joy, I'm impressed.

2 & 3. Azimuth & Algebra I think could be traced back to the Greeks, but I'd hafta check on that.

#65 VonHelton 26-Jun-2007
To the Islamic apologist:


[quote]The first records we have of the symbol we use for 0, is from Hindu writings from the late 9th century.
There was no internet back then, but information still got around. Mostly by camelback, or foot, so it took awhile for 0 to migrate to Arab lands, (probably due to commerce). [/quote]


#66 sam 26-Jun-2007
its wrong, that quote is misinterpeted, muslims write from right to left, so its not 71 virgins its a virgin of 71.
#67 Moonbattery 26-Jun-2007
It's a thankless task, but it often needs to be performed, so Christopher Hitchens points out the obvious: nothing is ever going to satisfy Rage Boy, the Muslim maniac who has been making a career out of shaking his...
#68 VonHelton 26-Jun-2007

Originally a FRENCH term for celestial direction.

LATER, it was used by Arabs as a direction towards Heaven.

You lied AGAIN.

#69 VonHelton 26-Jun-2007
"Algebra", it turns out, really is from Arabs. No wonder I hate it.

#70 Sideways 26-Jun-2007
The word "algebra" derives from Arabic, but algebra itself is much older than Islam. The Rhind papyrus is a record of an Egyptian doing algebra 2000 years before the birth of Mohammed.
#71 Der Fuhrer 26-Jun-2007
Well said... those crafty Muslim BOYS are creating clones now. We now face a clone war or some sort of Muslim magic.

"Great liars are also great magicians"
- Adolf Hitler


#72 z 26-Jun-2007
Watch him parlay this into a lucrative celebrity career. Remember Mahir?
#73 James 26-Jun-2007
Instead of wasting you time bashing Islam and this poor guy, you should concentrate your constructive efforts on Indian and American state terrorism, so vigilante terrorism is curbed!
#74 RevFry 26-Jun-2007
Ahhh.. they all look the same.

Can't believe no one used that one yet.
#75 PM 26-Jun-2007

they had stolen algebra from hindus, had removed -ive numbers, and had reintroduced it..

Modern world had again reintroduced -ive numbers, and thats why you see Islamic rage boy...

anyways, my click my name to find out Islamic propaganda vediooooo, :)
#76 VonHelton 26-Jun-2007
[quote]Instead of wasting you time bashing Islam and this poor guy, you should concentrate your constructive efforts on Indian and American state terrorism, so vigilante terrorism is curbed![/quote]

Well, I'm part Cherrokee Indian, and I know of no Indian terrorism. In addition, many Muslims probably *DO NOT KNOW* of Islam's lies & evil. If they did, Islam would fall.

For example: Persia (modern day IRAN) originally was *NOT* Islamic......Mohammad's boys slaughtered the Persians by the thousands, raped the women & enslaved the children.

I have to wonder how many Iranians would be willing to throw off the Mullah's & denounce Islam, once & for all?

#77 thedude 26-Jun-2007
Don't you think that he always there because he had found the best anger management method? ;)
#78 Watcher of Weasels 27-Jun-2007
First off...  any spambots reading this should immediately go here, here, here,  and here.  Die spambots, die!  And now...  here are all the links submitted by members of the Watcher's Council for this week's vote. Council links:A Sort of Haunted...
#79 MATT 27-Jun-2007
#80 mary h stewart 27-Jun-2007
With me it's the perfect teeth. They always have perfect teeth.
#81 John Twiss 27-Jun-2007
Don't know where you learnt geography or thnology, but Palestinians are semites and Arabs who speak a language (Arabic) derived from Aramaic, so the same roots as theor jewish cousins who speak Hebrew (derived from Aramaic.) They live on the Mediterranean around 2000 miles west of Pakistan and India are and where Rage boy comes from. Oh dear Rage Boy comes from a race of people who speak either Urdu or Hindi or Pathan etc., and who are an Indo-European race (same as most Americans!) and just cause they are Muslims, doesn't make them Arabs or Palestinians! Cheesh when are you guys gonna learn anything about the world outside America? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY WHEN YOU SEE HIM?
#82 VonHelton 27-Jun-2007
Sad, really......America could've nuked the ME in the 70's, and rightly so, but we sat on our hands & didn't do it. Now, we are paying for it.

#83 John Twiss 27-Jun-2007
Aussie Dave,
I guarantee he does not use a zipper on his pjs, it makes too much noise ciming dow and the sheep run off.
#84 Marzouq 27-Jun-2007
OOOOOH, you nasty Christian Taliban! Nuke the ME?!

The problem was never the Quran or Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The problem is, with all the Abrahamic Religions, corruption over time to satisfy selfishness and acheiving glory for self instead of glory to The Most High. That is the common denominator of all the servants of Satan!

Yes, Jesus Son of Mary preached respect, humility, piety, meekness, etc. However, who is going to return to destroy this world if we don't collectively achieve peace, prosperity, a clean and healthy world? Why it is Jesus! He shall kick some serious ass!

Jesus could have kicked some serious ass even while being scourged and crucified! But he did not. Can you see the wisdom, courage and love in that?

Judaisim was born in slavery, indentured servitude. Remember Pharoah? Christianity was born under occupation. Remember who was running Israel? Islam was born in freedom in a land of idol worship, infanticide and cannibalism. Do you understand?

The three Abrahamic faiths born in the ME are not the only ones. But... why would The Most High allow it? Could it be he wanted competition in doing good instead of contending, murdering each other?

What a bunch of western pompous asses!

Salaam eleikum (peace be with you), Allahu akbar (God is greatest)!

And... I aint Rageboy. I am Marzouq the Redneck Muslim. I am a lover of love, hater of hate, seeker of truth. My warrior code is: Honor, Discipline, Integrity, Courage and Compassion. I am not a pacifist, I am a muhajideen fighting in the way of Allah! I am a holy warrior in life and cyberspace. I am a lover and defender of the United States Constitution because it is the closest working model of true Sharia.
#85 Jin 27-Jun-2007
"Besides suggesting setting your Way-Back machine to 12th Century Spain, I can think of three contributions. 1.) the number zero; 2.) the term "azimuth" and 3.) algebra (Arabic 'al-jabr,' meaning 'the reduction.'"

1. Zero is a concept the South Asian exported to the Arab world before it was exported to Europe.

You might want to do some research before you writing something.
#86 RaginForRage 27-Jun-2007
Check out the hilarious stuff on, the flirst place I recall seeing the RageBoy
#87 zafar Kahimiri 27-Jun-2007
i cannot understand one thing about western and US media, how the hell on this earth he is an indian kashmiri. Kashmir is part of Pakistan, according to UN resolution. i must ask from this knob head writter what if his coutry occupy by some foreign ruler. for GOD sake western media need to understand why are kashmiris protesitng?
#88 VonHelton 27-Jun-2007
[quote]OOOOOH, you nasty Christian Taliban! Nuke the ME?!

The problem was never the Quran or Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The problem is, with all the Abrahamic Religions, corruption over time to satisfy selfishness and acheiving glory for self instead of glory to The Most High. That is the common denominator of all the servants of Satan!

Haha.....Careful with that "satan" stuff there, Camel Jocky.

I went & studied the original ancient aramaic text. According to it, there was *NO WAY* Mohammad could've met Gabriel in the cave!


Because Gabriel, from his *OWN MOUTH* said that future meeting with humans would be impossible due to the war with the demons.


So, who did Mohammad meet in the cave?

[quote]"Know ye not, that the enemy of your soul, the DEVIL, can appear as an angel of Light?"[/quote]

Ah, there we go.....


So the next time you want to talk about "Satan", best be prepared to lose!

#89 harbqll 27-Jun-2007

RE post #83: Could you cite your source on this? I can't wait to use it in an argument. This is some fun stuff.
#90 Henrik Löfqvist 27-Jun-2007
We love this guy!
#91 VonHelton 27-Jun-2007
Sadly, there is nothing online I could really point to. You will have to do like I did & go to the library.


#92 balrogsbane 27-Jun-2007
Muslim apologists need to do some serious self examination before pointing fingers or promoting the supposed virtues of their religion. Here is a great quote from Pres. Pervez Musharraf speaking at a Muslim Science conference:

*"Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race. The time has come for Islamic nations to take part in collective self-criticism."*

If Allah is so great why is this criticism so true? Looking at Islamic history I would have to say that you are collectively under God's judgement.

As for the claims of Mohammed, Joseph Smith made those same claims of having angelic visions. Why aren't you all Mormons then? If you claim that the Koran was the final word I would say the same about the Bible (Rev 22:18-19).
#93 balrogsbane 27-Jun-2007
Marzouq, it is ironic that you call yourself a defender of the US Constitution. Such a constitution came from a Christian worldview and is certainly not compatible with Sharia law. If it were, Muslim nations around the world would have similar constitutions but that is clearly not the case as the quote from Pervez Musharraf demonstrates.

Islam is a religion of submission and if one does not submit willingly, the Koran unquestionably promotes the use of force to make them submit.

Sura 4:34: *"Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is high, supreme."*

Of course it also promotes Jihad against infidels. The irony is that you no longer have the power to force your religion on others the way Muslims did in the past. If you were honest you would have to conclude that my God is greater than your god because past Muslims clearly saw their victories as a sign that Allah was greater than those he conquered. Why is that no longer the case?
#94 Doktor Ragiz Maltese 28-Jun-2007
I find it offensive that you have so little regard for Mohammed, the founder of Islam. He was a decent man who, yes, screwed teenage virgins throughout the "wild oats" period of his life. But who didn't in those days? Later in his life, when he experienced erectile disfunction, he stopped this practice, and only used his middle finger. It is written, metaphorically, in the Quran.
#95 balrogsbane 28-Jun-2007
#96 balrogsbane 28-Jun-2007
Well for one Jesus Christ did not act this way and neither did His 12 apostles. If you want me to revere your prophet then you had better not compare him to just anyone else who was messing with girls in his time. He should meet a much higher standard. He has to be above reproach and if not he has to at least show repentence from his own sin.

Lastly, I would just point out how you have failed to even look at the shortcomings of Islam outlined above. Please take the time to reply and show where I am wrong.
#97 balrogsbane 28-Jun-2007
Furthermore Mohammed ...
#98 VonHelton 28-Jun-2007
Islam cannot be reformed, I wish it could. See, in Paganism, Christianity, and Judaism, peaceful prophets came along later & told everyone to chill out.

Unfortunately, Islam doesn't have these peaceful prophets, they only have the bloodthirsty Mohammad, who slew all of the religious leaders at Mecca.

This makes the reforming of Islam into a religion of *TRUE* peace impossible!

#99 Dave 28-Jun-2007
This Rage Boy has a handicap, he's a raging asshole!
#100 Clicked 28-Jun-2007
The argument is that if people weren't stealing movies online they'd be going to theaters and buying popcorn which would be helping corn farmers. Actually, I'm more likely to buy a bag of Smartfood to eat while I watch a movie on my computer than I am to buy movie theater popcorn that requires a bank loan to afford. ...Plus... The Facebook Problem, citizen journalists on a plane, a speeding ticket worth more than your car
#101 VonHelton 28-Jun-2007

I was just told bt another regious scholar that the guy who wrote the Koran for Muhammad found out it was lies, and had to flee for his *LIFE*!!

If I get something on this, I will post it for all to see!

#102 The Truth Revealer 28-Jun-2007
I know a person who is doing a researh in photos taken as far as 30 years ago and guess what the same guy is in every photo. My friend says he is a timelord like the Doctor but i dont think so i told my friend he mostlikely be a Highlander or something like that. A LEGEND ANYWAY AND ANYHOW!!
#103 Hilary Clinton 29-Jun-2007
Find out the truth about what's going on in the world.
#104 Kautilya 29-Jun-2007
He is from Kashmir, where the majority population speaks Kashmiri, which is a mishmash of Sanskrit [ancient Indian language; considered the mother of all Indo-European lingua] and Parsi [spoken in Iran].
#105 Barkingside bob 29-Jun-2007
Kashmir: over 9,000 women raped and molested, 22,000 women widowed and around 10,600 children orphaned in the Kashmir conflict and you wonder why the guy is angry ????
#106 Lucy 29-Jun-2007
Is that Baba Booey?
#107 VonHelton 29-Jun-2007
[quote]Kashmir: over 9,000 women raped and molested, 22,000 women widowed and around 10,600 children orphaned in the Kashmir conflict and you wonder why the guy is angry ???? [/quote]

Maybe if Muslims wouldn't threaten to "burn Kosovo to the ground" (which they ultimately did, I'd point out), all that could've been averted?


#108 PM 29-Jun-2007
#99 Barkingside bob

how much of them were Hindus?
#109 Hitchens Fan 29-Jun-2007
US constitution did not come from a christian worldview if it had it would have done some mumbo jumob crap like the british isles.


Hitchens himself had done a great polemic on Thomas Jefferson and religion and how that shaped things.

I do agree with the thrust that Islamic worldview is incompatible with modern democracy and the muslims have to make a choice....
But they are procrastinating.
The result is you still have a religion where apostasy is punishable by death.
Hamid Karzai in an interview said he did not want to get into the islamic aspects of that. This was in context of a muslim who wanted to convert to christianity and was allowed to leave afghanistan.
Fareed Zakaria a muslim himself said that its islams failure to respect non believers that is the cause of its sorry state today.
#110 VonHelton 29-Jun-2007
Interesting factoid:

Ome interpretation of the word "Jihad" is "My Struggle".

Or, to say it another way:

#111 JimZ 29-Jun-2007

That is the most upfront and honorable thing Ive ever seen done...that you would mention AMDScooter at our forum.
He is now enjoying some well deserved fame [in fun] that all of us enjoy.

#112 Prabu 29-Jun-2007
Check this out for one more Rage Boy Sighting!
#113 TinkerBrendie 29-Jun-2007
Separated at birth...
#114 VonHelton 30-Jun-2007
Wait a minute.....Isn't Hitchens a COMMUNIST?

#115 Dave 30-Jun-2007
The Raging Asshole is at it again and bigger than ever:
#116 VonHelton 30-Jun-2007
JN429-1. TYPICALLY GOD: Muslims meet Jesus through dreams

A Californian magazine ran a survey of over 600 ex-Muslims who now follow Jesus, and concludes: "Although dreams appear to play a minor role in the conversion of Westerners, over 25% of these ex-Muslims affirmed that dreams and visions played a vital role in their conversions and helped them through difficult times."

According to the report, Christ frequently appears as a figure in white in these dreams and visions. "A follower of Jesus from Guinea tells of a person in white who appeared to him, calling him with outstretched arms. A Muslim Malay saw her deceased Christian parents in a dream, celebrating in heaven. Jesus, in a white robe, told her "If you want to come to me, come!" She realised that she had been trying to reach God all her life unsuccessfully, and that God had now taken the initiative Himself to reach her through Jesus".

A special website has been launched which offers seeking Muslims the possibility to share their dreams and visions online. The website registers 1.3 million hits per day. Muslims seeking Jesus receive biblical and culturally sensitive answers to their questions.


#117 Gegenstimme 30-Jun-2007
In Kaschmir gibt es offensichtlich einen muslimischen Demo-Profi* unter den Ewig-Beleidigten, der bei jedem in der Ummah quersitzenden Pups stets an der Front aller “spontaner” Protestaktionen zu finden ist. Deshalb bekam er im angelsächsis...
#118 eric 01-Jul-2007
that guy is the Indian-Muslim GARTH MULLINS (from Canada). too funny!
#119 mukhtar 01-Jul-2007
#120 Tired Israeli 01-Jul-2007
When the world finally gets one quarter of the terror that Israel has received, maybe then they will start to understand. Islam = terror. Just like Christianity = Inquisition, during the "dark ages". Jews have always been hated, but when was the last time we blew up a building (or anything else)?
#121 Howco 01-Jul-2007
Im sorry I couldnt resist. I know the thread is old but it needed to be done.

#122 Howco 01-Jul-2007
Whoops sorry bout the messed up image tag.

#123 Arun Joshi 01-Jul-2007
He is the one whom the Kashmiri leadership should take lessons from. The parties and platforms don't matter for him at all. He is always there to protest human rights violations carried by Indian troops, the US occupational troops and the mad west, which is always there to say one thing or the other against Islam. Being I Hindu that too from Jammu region, I may not have any love for the Kashmir's freedom movment. But it is hard to see the people at the receiving end of the human rights violations carried by the Indian troops day in and day out. Though I personally am an Indian to the core but it makes me sad when i report almost on daily basis the shameful acts of our troops. The rage boy in such circumstances deserves to be saluted. He is always there to protest for his people. Long live the rage boy.
#124 PM 01-Jul-2007
#115 Howco

Thanks, I was just searching for the Photo of "Best friend of rage boy" aka mukhtar(#115)

thanks for sharing those happy movements between Rage boy and mukhtar..

Uh ah.. Mukhtar, are you really in "Indian occupied kashmir"... as i hardly know any Kashmiri in "Indian occupied Kashmir" addressing Kashmir as "Indian Occupied Kashmir", because normally the crap song of "Human right violation" by Indian armed forces make it self understood...

anyways mukhtar, just a Question... At least in India you have a right to protest against degrading Human rights... Do you can refer me any Islamic country in south Asia, where this is allowed... or where Human right really Exist at all...
#125 PM 01-Jul-2007
Whoops sorry

"Best friend of rage boy" aka mukhtar(#112)
#126 VonHelton 01-Jul-2007
Oh for the love of Pete!

Hindu = Peaceful

Muslim = Not peaceful

Gee, who would I want in control of Kashmir?


#127 Mac 01-Jul-2007
#76 John Twiss

Semites aren't "Indo-European" buddy. Indians, and Persians are. Persians aren't Semites either. Only Ethnic Jews and Arabs are.
#128 DeaconBlues 01-Jul-2007
hindus = peaceful ?????

remember what hindus did to graham staines and his two young sons u asshole? or other minorities regularly slaughtered by hindu mobs? M.F.Husain being hounded out of his own country? the babri mosque? the Gujarat massacres? hindus peaceful???? i,d live with muslims any day. asshole.
#129 VonHelton 01-Jul-2007
Well gee, I'd be pretty pissed too if you tried to rape my country's women. Maybe Islam should just chill out before I unleash my Vlad Tepes perspective......
#130 DeaconBlues 01-Jul-2007
dont bother - you already have, (if i am to understand your "Vlad Tepes" reference correctly).So it's you americans who Should 'chill out'. you've created enough of a mess as it is.
#131 PM 01-Jul-2007
#121 DeaconBlues

Have you ever heard of "Tablighi Jamaat" DeaConBlue, the group which started Gujarat riots, by burning Train full of Hindus.

Later the same Tablighis also involved in London Bombing.. and even in samjhauta massacre, and Mecca Masjid Blast.. shameful at the degree you guys kill even your Brothers...

Graham Staines was supporting a brand of Christianity, which was also followed by christians in dark ages... haven't you forgot to mention that with help of "Tablighis" from Bangladesh.. Graham Staines was managing weaponries to enforce conversion.. as this is not hidden secret from east Indian subcontinent..

still my condolence to his two young sons... as I support International Youth protection right... instead of supporting Muslims, who use 6 yrs old child as suicide bomber, and 13 yrs old child to behead others..

M.F.Husain still lives in India, let me know if Rushdie can live in any Muslim nation...

and by the way Deacon, the way you are supporting radicalism... let me ask you then in your own viewport.. why you cry so much for al-Asqa, which is perhaps the farthest Mosque, yet not most holy place for you. and kills Humans around the world, by placing the stupid excuse that its because foreign policies supporting Israel...

What you think about Hindus feelings, where you Muslims build a Mosque using blood of Hindus, which you Muslim massacred under Barbar.. Don't forget that Ram earns the place of the Most holy prophet in Hinduism..

or should i speak of the curse, from which Barbar suffered after it, and allowed devotees to sing to pray nearby.. at a place called Ram Chabutra, which Aurangzeb at destroyed later..

or should i speak of the accord your Muslim Imams under Bahadur shah zafar made with Tantiya tope, passing all right on the place of Ram Janambhumi(which you refer as Babri Masjid) in early 1857 to Hindus..

what ever DeaconBlues.... stop Shooting From Christian shoulder, and speak of your real identity you Moron Muslim... Because where Majority Hindus don't support radical Hindus.. Majority of Christians also don't support Radical Christians... But Story of Muslims is a bit different, they even don't hesitate to slaughter there own Muslim Brothers... supporting or not supporting Radicalism is a issue, that evolve far more later...
#132 DeaconBlues 01-Jul-2007
Ever heard of Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, VonHelton? it guarantees freedom of religion. do you really know what staines was doing in india when he was attacked? do you really know indian history which you presume to be an expert on? i ask you this as an Indian citizen myself. and oh yes- i do know who Vlad Tepes is, your condescending highness. maybe thats what got your goat huh?

let me get one thing straight- i am not a muslim. having said that, lets start with the the train burning incident. just as you can come up with names left, right and centre, do you realise i can do the same? but i choose not to for the simple reason that i make my submissions based on evidence, which is a concept that you evidently fail to grasp. 'Tablighi jamaat'??? there are some who say it was the 'Lashkar-e-toiba' or even the 'JEM' Mr. expert. so think twice before you start throwing names about. i thought Bush was the only American Idiot that we would have to put up with. guess i was wrong.

And speaking of Prophets, did you know that Ram was NOT a Prophet? Are you preaching the Gospel to Billy Graham? (i suggest google if you dont know who he is. note that i did not say 'to the pope'. you can ignore that if i,m confusing you) anyway check your facts about M.F husain again o.k.? he had to flee india because people here started giving him a hard time- poor old guy. long story.

I just have one request. would it be possible for you to stop spouting cliches? frankly, i find it a bit tedious to respond to memorized mindlessness. and maybe try excersizing some comprehension before showing your typically ill-informed conservative condescension?

tell me something. you guys really hate muslims dont you? i must confess i,m a bit like you because i dislike bigotry and prejudice in any form myself. but i truly cannot fathom the animosity and hatred that you people harbor towards each other. may you ought to start reading the bible (the new testament in particular) and go easy on the bhagavad gita and koran. just to get another perspective on humanity, you know. just saying. dont start foaming again ok?2 last thing i need is for you guys to invade my country.
#133 VonHelton 01-Jul-2007
Um, I never mentioned jammat.

Time for a new set of glasses for you!!

#134 PM 01-Jul-2007
#125 DeaconBlues

1st of all, my nick here is "PM", not VonHelton... so please address with proper nick, instead of throwing away relevations.

second, religious Freedom does not allow to kill other, which conspire to death of innocents...

you asked me that am i aware of Indian History, perhaps i should ask this question from you. "Tablighi Jamaat" was founded in India, has its religious headquarters in Nizammudin, India. Beside this, it also is big intelligence network group, which is known as ISI of pakistan, or you can say other way round. Pakistan is hijacked by Tablighi fanatics, though moderate berlewi muslims, who were pro Hindus, and pro Sufism's were unable to recognize Tablighis in 1946-47 under there fears of Deobandi fanatism. My nick is linked with a 1946 documentation of Direct Action day.. which placed real hate between Hindu and Muslim community, digging every corner of hate excuse out...

para 2 of you again shows your Ignorant behavior, as you started with horribly changing VonHelton nick with my nick, similarly you started this time by bringing LeT, JeM and such organization in between, Yet you never ever check, who is under the hood. you even haven't dared to Google that what is "Tablighi Jamaat", thats its not a Terror group but a spiritual religious group, from whose ideologies terror is popping up. Perhaps it shows how big Jackass you are in your Anti-Americanism.. where you just are concentrating on how to demonize the least imperial, as well as the most Free state ever in Human history...

In case of Ram and Prophet, let me know what is your definition of Prophet-hood... and where it fails on Ram..

Lets now move to M.F.Hussain, and salman Rushdie... the point will be clear here.. both had taken exile in London, so how much Hindus you see on London streets searching to execute M.F.Hussain? or should i ask you, how many times, why Hussain recently cried out when lower court ordered to seal his house in Mumbai.. let me know, if Rushdie can enter any Muslim country, like Hussain does often in india. In deed Indian government is awarding him Raja raman award for his contribution in art, Let me know if indian Goverment can award it to Rushdie in India, ofcourse with its peaceful Muslim population.

your 4th para is more is ridiculous joke you make on yourself, so i am not interested to embarrass you further.

For your last para, i will add...we don't hate Muslims.. we hate Jihadis / Wahanbis/fundamentalist Freaks.... what ever you call them... hindu radical, Christian extremist... or Islamofacist. we all believe that you are free to obey your religion, if even you are praying stones.. till you does not start throwing those stones on innocent humans. and this is where Wahabbi Islam have crossed its limits, where instead of making heart pure using spritual symbol of aswad, they started throwing stones on others using every means.

For you at last, i will say.. where you speak of Multiculturalism.. I wanna remind you..

Jesus said, "one who had ears, hears everything"

Krishna says, "Never close eyes towards Truth"

and reality speaks, what Jesus want you to hear.. and Krishna want you to see...

with the takeover of Holy cities by Wahabbist, things started to change around holy cities.. It started with Muslim slaughtering Muslims, but not in war.. in 1926, 25 members of the Mahmal caravan were slaughtered at Mina because they played trumpets, as they headed towards Mecca as per the annual tradition to change curtains.

Egypt had abondended the Mahmal tradition the same Year, Yet the Ignorant Ideology that want to prove themselves as superior race above all human races never ended with Nazism...

What ever, think of it... what you really are investing in your emotions...

don't be regular emotional fool, you crushed on this page designed by an intellectual to bring further the Hidden truth of stagged photos.. respect it, instead of blaming him of being a Islamophobe/ Muslim hater. Tablighis had hijacked berlewi Mosque in Gujarat...berlewi Muslims which always wanted to survive with love with Hindus, against Wahabi Deobandis.. yet Berlewi never spoke of it... Hindus never understood... and Media had thrown only half truth in light... Yes Massacre occured, but not of Tablighi.. but of Berlewi Muslims.. what we loosed were not the radical, but the moderates...

Its good you speak, but speak for humanity... not to promote libels.. and spread propaganda..

and case case of Prophethood of Rama... just consider reading original text of al-Shahrastani in persian ( even old arabic translation will also do)..

at last, learn from all prophets... as Photos can be staged, Words you hear can be only propaganda... but somewhere you will find the light of truth, which will lead you out of blanket of dark propaganda...

Peace be Upon you and upon everyone....
As with Peace only you will be able to come out of your emotions, and search what is hidden from you..
#135 A 02-Jul-2007
People who see this man, the so called "Rage boy" as a thing to laugh at are not to be blamed. They have taken "freedom", "human rights" and more importantly "right to live with diginity" for granted. I wish they could imagine themselves in the chains of slavery and then asked to comment on him. There are not many people in the world who have courage to speak against tranny and basic human rights violations. Americans have turned hostile towards whole muslim population with just one incident, that too which the actual doer is not known. Now imagine the will power and courage of people who see such type of things day in and day out. Think as humans not as Christians, muslims, Jews or Hindus.. etc.. May truth prevail.
#136 DeaconBlues 02-Jul-2007
oops!!! my apologies to you both, VanHelton and PM. looks like i got my connections crossed, albeit invadvertantly. anyway, this doesnt change the fact that my contention remains the same- sweeping generalizations made by both is what makes this world what it is today- a dangerous and intolerant place. Eg: hindus= peaceful, muslims= not peaceful. i hope i shed some light on that particular misconception, VanHelton saheb. peace. i must say u sound positively reasonable and even civilized compared to buddy boy PM here.

dear PM, did it occur to you i might have access to the same info that you seem to hold on to as gospel truth? unlike you, however, i choose to evaluate what i read before i accept it as fact. Tablighi Jamat, for instance, which you describe as a 'spiritual religious group'- are,nt they all for heavens sake? but somewhere along the line, things get screwed up by a handful of people and an entire community gets trashed. Ergo- "muslims= not peaceful". to quote VanHelton saheb- THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE!! whats so diffucult to understand?

what we need to adress here is whats happening TODAY. any historian worth his salt will tell you that the perception and interpretation of history is subjective at best. and thus no single individual or group, in my humble opinion for what its worth, can arrogate to itself the right to pronounce what does or does not constitute the truth. thus when you make a statement that is absolute in terms, you lay yourself open to the same things that you accuse me of being.

by the way, its funny that you chose to quote jesus christ. if i remember my bible correctly, what He said was something completely different and in a totally different context ok? i choose not to elaborate further on this as this is exactly what gets christians in trouble (and even killed) in india today. and as for krishna's pearl of wisdom, is,nt that what i,ve been trying to say and do all along? helloo??

so i,d welcome anyone to contradict me on this- would'nt it be better to focus on solutions (or at least try) rather than to keep digging up past events and reopening old wounds? as the Great Gooroo Jack Nicholson said "why cant we all get along?"- You know what i mean buddy boy?

and as for you calling me a radical, i say thanks man. provided its for the views that i expressed. one more thing- bad guys come in all shapes and guises so its not always the Babars and Bin ladens. i could give you a list of alternatives if you want. not just "muslim morons".
#137 DeaconBlues 02-Jul-2007
one more thing about the Husain/Rushdie bit. the point i want to make is the role of fundamentalism that results in the mindless persecution of advocates of free speech and expression. the bottom line is that they're both victims are'nt they?
#138 Bugti 02-Jul-2007
@DeaconBlues a.ka. paki jehadi..

Go home to LaWhore.. Join a Madrass and spread you bullcrap/dawa about "Believe me ...Islam is Peaceful... or else " nonsense.

Remember "Jews and Kafirs need to be hunted down and taken as slaves ", comment by the Peaceful Profit..

By the way..
Azadi/Freedom for Balochistan, Pashunistan, Gilgit, Waziristan, Baltistan Sindh.. And all you Pakjabi's ... LOL

America is Satan.. But we love Kafir F-16's.. Waaa.... Waaaa...
#139 DeaconBlues 02-Jul-2007
#131 Bugti

care to make sense?? i know what a kafir is and i happen to be one. LOL. but whats a 'dawa'?
#140 Puke-stani 02-Jul-2007
Original URL :

Original URL :

Original URL :
#141 PM 02-Jul-2007
#132 DeaconBlues

Sorry, but i have to say at last... one can cure a person blind with eyes, but one can't cure a person blind in faith, ignoring reality...

again my Nick points to great information, showing Imperial dreams of Islamofacist...

What ever DeaconBlues, I don't know from when Christians of India started promoting Urdu, and addressing others in Urdu....

so DeaconBlues (*saheb*), Please keep your Taquiya up to you... and stop shooting from Shoulders of Christians...
#142 DeaconBues 02-Jul-2007
# 133 PM

a little more clarity please. what on earth are you talking about??? all i asked Bugti was what 'dawa' meant? and whats your problem if i address anyone as 'saheb'? do you hold a copyright on that particular term?

and what exactly do you mean by "shooting from the shoulders of christians" ? do you mean that i,m pretending to be someone/something that i am not? i've made my views pretty clear. i suggest you stop nit-picking if you've run out of relevant things to say.
#143 PM 03-Jul-2007
#134 DeaconBues

>>all i asked Bugti was what 'dawa' meant?

It seems like, you are feeling awkward regarding the message index error, anyways my apologies for that error...

It seems like there are more then one DeaconBlues present in this Chat, and one DeaconBlues is a Christian, and other is a Muslim.... so let me correct my mistake.. my message in #133 was index by my error to DeaconBlues(#132), it was originally intended to DeaconBlues(#129)...

>>whats your problem if i address anyone as 'saheb'?

Come on Deacon, it was just a Question.. from When Indian Christians started to promote "Urdu"... seems like you are trapping inside something...

>>what 'dawa' meant?
When you already had included me in between this chat between Bugti and you, then here is a tip, go to wikipedia.. type "Dawah".. you will get the answer for the question you are pretending to be unaware of...

By the way DeaconBlues, your Peaceful, Moderate, as well as Well Educated Indian Muslims named "Mohamed Haneef", who had taken oath to save Human Life's after completing his Medical studies .... is also arrested regarding in connection with recent Glasgow terror attack..
#144 mado 03-Jul-2007
hey guys you don't know what you talking about, and you unable to prove him representative, just say it you and zionists feeling disappointed about what happen to your soldiers Because of the Mujahideen and no one wouldn't believe these pictures except you hateful attack on ISLAM.
#145 VonHelton 03-Jul-2007
Ok, y'all are confusing me, so whoever wants to stop Islam, I'm with HIM.

#146 PM 03-Jul-2007
#137 vonHelton

Thats the Best Answer...

I am also against Islamofacist... so I am also with anyone, whoever want to stop these Jihadis and there Sympathizers..
#147 A bndy 04-Jul-2007
He is a reincarnation of mohammad.
#148 Purple Avenger 04-Jul-2007
I'm interested in opening a local RageBoy franchise. Does anyone know if they're available and the cost?
#149 SUGIERO 05-Jul-2007
Rage Boy speaks!
#150 Planck's Constant 05-Jul-2007
what are the real reasons holding back Turkey's accession to EU membership?

Here are 13:
#151 Harish Gurumoorthy 06-Jul-2007
They look different to you? Man, seriously you need to get your eyes tested.
#152 Amin 07-Jul-2007
Hello. I'm a Muslim but I cant help but find those photos of who you call rage boy hilarious. I know very little regarding the sensitive issue of Rushdie and his writings, among some Muslims communities, so I wont comment on it. However, doesn't anyone think it's a little suspicious that that one guy keeps getting so many photo ops? It's like he has his own personal camera and make up crew following him around. I don't know about most of you but I've lost complete trust in North American and Israeli popular media. We've been lied to far too many times for anything they present to be taken seriously. I think something smells fishy about 'Rage Boy'. At least he's good for a few laughs whoever he is.
#153 Bob 07-Jul-2007
Cake- shut the hell up, you moron. "Racist" my ass. Perhaps YOU should look more closely to the pictures and see for yourself that this is the same asshat in each shot. "They all look the same" because he IS the same, asshole.
#154 John 07-Jul-2007
I love Rage Boy
But to add some facts to the debate on Islam-
Please check out Islamic Review
The first biographer of Mohammed wrote clearly that the "great prophet" killed men, women, and children and was also a child molester.
Need more pics of Rage BOY!
#155 VonHelton 08-Jul-2007
Kill'em all, let God sort'em out. Since they "love death more than life" (anybody wanna guess who said that?), I say we ablige'em.

Cue liberal whining........NOW.

#156 David 09-Jul-2007
Dont create panic out of this!!!!!!
#157 David 10-Jul-2007
We here in the US have our own "rage girl", her name is Medea Benjamin. Google her and you will undoubtedly recognize her photo.
#158 Al 10-Jul-2007
He seems to be going for that Moe Howard / ZZ Top look.
#159 Mad-Dog 11-Jul-2007
I say we make a martyr out of him!!
#160 Kesher Talk 15-Jul-2007
Hearing the Grateful Dead Hour on the radio recently got me to thinking about the death of singer/guitarist Jerry Garcia in 1995. Heroin and diabetes -- rarely a sustainable lifestyle combination -- led to health woes for Garcia. According to...
#161 Joe 20-Jul-2007
Rage Boy for president!!
#162 gescheider 20-Jul-2007
trying to determine which religion/group/persons to hate - please offer more comments of intolerance(I particularly like those arguments supported by the teachings of one's personal faith), and I'll let you know who wins/who loses. Maybe, give out prizes, ribbons, pinwheels or something.
#163 Muhamed 21-Jul-2007
Yeah, go ahead and laugh you idiots. We in the west are so smug about our world domination. Never would we ever think of possibly viewing anything from any unfamiliar perspective. We are shallow self congratualtory and self centered bozos who meekly accept the word of our major source media. Rage boy gets around to be sure, but I admire him for being willing to stand up for his beliefs. You go, boy!
#164 Muhammed 21-Jul-2007
NPR All things considered did a story. They found that "rage boy" is an activist and, yes a real guy. I forget what they said his name was, but you can find out by listening to the story at
#165 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jul-2007

Pay close attention to the name of the first person interviewed by NPR, and then look again at the top of this web page.


By the way, "Activist" = "Professional Protester," which is basically the point I was trying to make in the article you are currently commenting on.

Brian Ledbetter
#166 Muhammed 21-Jul-2007
Nice of you to take down my posts. Do you do that to anyone who doesn't agree with your opinions? By the way, activists are like volunteers. They don't get paid alot, if at all. I would say they are people who have put off their "professional" careers.
#167 Muhammed 21-Jul-2007
Yes, I searched to this forum. I discovered the article to which you refer after I left this post. I would argue that an Activist is actually someone who has put off their professional ($) life in order to pursue issues for which they feel passionately. Did anyone ask Shakeel Bhat how much money he makes being a "professional protestor"?
#168 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jul-2007

I haven't deleted a single one of your comments yet—but please, do continue with your whinging. It is especially amusing to see that you consider "Professional Outrageist" to be an honourable career path.

Feel free to continue with your mature and well-considered dialogue:

Brian "The Ummah Oppressor" L.
#169 Pataniya 21-Jul-2007
Inevitable that Paki propaganda of killings and rape in Indian Kashmir would be quoted to justify rage boy. These have been used to justify plane hijackings, mumbai bombings, attack on Indian parliament, kargil incursion and worse before. Till now it was Israel, US and India. Then Russia, UK, Denmark. Now add China - Lal masjid followed Chinese held as hostage - it aint just one rage boy, the whole community is a professional protester.
#170 VonHelton 23-Jul-2007
Hey Muhammad, now that the West better understands your "holy" book better than you do, what will you do? Come up with more excuses to justify Mohammad's crazed nature?

#171 Marzouq 29-Jul-2007
OOOps. Been very busy and had no time to respond.

The sura about women is IDEAL! Look how screwed up USA became when women won the right to vote.

Also..... Thomas Jefferson, a dietist, was influenced by the Quran! I guess that is why he initially espoused bloody revolution instead of elections.

Salaaaaaam eleikum, y'all!
#172 Marzouq 30-Jul-2007
Just kiddin about the women. Women are key to the reformation of Islam in the ME. Once they begin to assert themselves things shall improve in the ME.

A comment on the scripture spouting Christians ignorantly slandering the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) on this thread: Scriptures were written by men and translated by men, no man is perfect and all scripture is imperfect because of that. Most of the slander against Muhammed (PBUH) is from people well versed in scripture and these people usually rely on these chapters and verses and quote them out of context to "prove" preconceived points. I consider people like that stupid and not worth debating. I call them scripture pissers.

There is an old Arab saying:

He who knows not but but knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him.

He who knows not and knows he knows not is simple. Teach him.

He who knows but knows not that he knows is asleep. Wake him.

He who knows and knows he knows is wise. Follow him.

We have plenty of fools, apathetics and assholes. The wise are too small a minority.

Salaam freekin eleikum.
#173 badnewswade 18-Aug-2007
He's back! He's bad!,,2132643,00.html

He's in teh Grauniad...
#174 AMABITCH 01-Oct-2007
hey badnewswade, ru out to prove ur ignorance here?! IRAQ woul fit in GA?! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

dude, that was better than the rage boy himself!!!!!!!
#175 JENN 12-Oct-2007
That's one pissed off Muzzie.
#176 Jay 26-Oct-2007
Hey, Islamic Rage Boy made the cover of the latest Newsweek magazine - check it out!
#177 Alan Srout 11-Nov-2007
Former Senator Fred Thompson is the only candidate that gets it. He makes decisions based on principles. Principles don’t change. You have to stand for something and not change who you are based on the polls. That is what Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have done and all of the Democrats do it. Give me a leader that will stand by his principles anyday versus someone that stands for everything.

I know many Republicans and conservatives that will stay home if Rudy Giuliani is the candidate. He does not represent our values as conservatives, and never will. Millionaire Mitt Romney is a Republican-in-name-only (RINO ) that simply has everything else and nothing to do. “I guess I’ll just try to buy the presidency”. The White House isn’t for sale! Conservatives will simply stay home and the Democrats will pick up additional seats in the House and probably get the 60 seats in the Senate they need to completely destroy our Country. Nice picture huh?

However, I think Fred can bring America back together, if that’s even possible. America needs a rebirth of patriotism and honor. Republicans also need a rebirth. President Reagan was our last rebirth and he can never be duplicated. Fred Thompson will bring his own down-to-earth common sense to this country. If a conservative runs as a conservative, he will win!

Think of it this way: Eight years of another Clinton White House? Now if that is not a sufficient enough reason to pull together as a nation, and fight this socialist liberal takeover of our government, what is?

Folks, we are in for the fight of our lives, just as our young men and women are fighting for our freedoms in Iraq and Afghanistan, we must fight for our nation right here and now! I truly believe Fred Thompson is the one man who can pull this nation back together! Rudy Giuliani will just tear us apart.
#178 Vivek Kumar 13-Dec-2007
Seems terrible!

Wait a minute...
Just multiply all these figures by 10 and you get numbers of Kashmriri Pandits who have been subjected to similar atrocities , courtesy- the great Islam.

And, have been driven out of their homes to live like aliens in their own country!!
#179 Brian C. Ledbetter 14-Dec-2007

I'm not familiar with the plight of the Pandits—Do you have any information that you could share with us on the topic?

#180 Harish G 17-Dec-2007
#181 ๑۩۞۩๑_Mr Propre_๑۩۞۩๑ 28-Dec-2007
Si vous suivez un peu l’actualité de l’islam dans le monde, ce visage ne vous est pas inconnu. Ce félé du Cachemire est désormais la risée de la terre entière sous le sobriquet de “Rage-Boy”, pour son acharnement à figurer sur les photos de manifestati...
#182 Arshad Hussain 27-Feb-2008
he has amazing rage face. as if Allah has created him for this purpose. i know him, his sincere and he is aware what he is doing.
#183 Cracker 29-Mar-2008
VonHelton, your comments are nothing more than liberal bullshitt, literalry
so fuck you
#184 Kumar Vijay 12-Jul-2008
Kashmir is a Paradise of past and presently the hottest hell spot thanks to practiced Islam and Islamic rage boys.

Kashmir before advent of Islam was a land of sages and with Islamic ethnic cleansing all the Kashmiri Pandit descendants of these sages have fled to the plains of india. The left over population is busy unleashing forces of destruction, encroachment, turning Dal Lake into a cess pool of shit and denuding the forests. Any thing unethical is fair in Islam!
#185 Lae 19-Jul-2008
great photos heh =-))
#186 islamic propagator 18-Sep-2008
"The deaf, the blind, the dumb, they will never come to the right path".

All the people here accusing Islam and using filthy mouth against it would surely pay back for what they say. realize the true path before its too late.
#187 silver 29-Sep-2008
Brian C. Ledbetter,

can you fix the links to the pictures ? only 2 or 3 of them work at the moment !

its worth having a complete record of the rage-boy joke, showing him as a rent-a-crowd protester who shows up everywhere.

nice find, great article
#188 khan 20-Feb-2009
I am intrested making on Muslim Jehadi
Friend . pl contact....... [email protected]
#189 the homie 04-Nov-2009
your wrong this is the human world ok
#190 john ryan 24-Mar-2010
This person has Down's Syndrome. Why is it necessary for you to make political capital on his problems. You people are no better than the ones that laugh at Sarah's child and you should be equally shamed
#191 J.Smiths 14-Apr-2010
In fact the whole Muslim community is a sort of "RAGE BOY".
Look how almost the whole Muslim countries are supporting terrorism, bin laden, Taliban, & so on.........
#192 Mulder 22-May-2010
I thought I'd share my EDMD creations with you, since you're such fans :)
Cheers, M
#193 شات كتابي 27-Sep-2010
Look how almost the whole Muslim countries are supporting terrorism, bin laden, Taliban, & so on.........
#194 saqib 26-Nov-2010
WE will fight kill thses bastard
#195 كول 18-Dec-2010
I know very little regarding the sensitive issue of Rushdie and his writings, among some Muslims communities, so I wont comment on it. However, doesn't anyone think it's a little suspicious that that one guy keeps getting so many photo ops? It's like he has his own personal camera and make up crew following him around. I don't know about most of you but I've lost complete trust in North American and Israeli popular media. We've been lied to far too many times for anything they present to be taken seriously. I think something smells fishy about 'Rage Boy'. At least he's good for a few laughs whoever he is.
#196 كول 18-Dec-2010

Look how almost the whole Muslim countries are supporting terrorism
bin laden,

#197 canlı maç izle 25-Jan-2011
I agree with this "All the people here accusing Islam and using filthy mouth against it would surely pay back for what they say. realize the true path before its too late. "
#198 مركز تحميلي 27-May-2011
WE will fight kill thses bastard
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