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Words of Wisdom from Capitol Hill

Howdy, Capitolists. Glad to see you've finally noticed this thread. Please feel free to continue this conversation over here, if you'd like. All input welcome, bring on the flames—I'm all set for a barbeque on this drizzly day!

America, this is what the idiots that we send to Washington think of you. (Thanks to JDawg for posting this link over in Michelle's little world)

Notice that you must be logged in from a Capitol Hill (i.e., Congressional) computer to post to this website)

Yes, the Metro in July. Honestly, is there some kind of charter that says that you must be 50 lbs overweight, dress in clothes that don't fit, and reek to high hell from all the sweat generated by walking five feet before you are allowed to tour this city. Also, don't flock like lemmings to the one escalator that is working, walk up the stairs, to the left at all times, and don't crowed around the doors, the rest of us would kike to get on as well.

6/21/2007 - 10:21 am

Insulting the people who come to tour our nation's capital as being a bunch of smelly, overweight morons? Classy.

1.) The real problem is our foreign policy [f**king s**t] up for farmers in central Mexico; Do the anti-immigrant folks really all think immigrants want to leave their hometowns? their whole family? all of their culture [Ed.: They seem to be taking that with them, idiot. You would know this if you ever left Washington for a freakin' minute!] and their history and make a dangerous, expensive trip up here just for the dubious luxury of scrubbing your toilet and picking your vegetables? costing you money, my a**. The ugly little secret is that by and large Americans want things convenient and cheap and they don't want to work too hard for them. You don't want people to come to the US for jobs? fine. Put in place some decent trade agreements that don't [f**k] people over.2.) Why do all the fattest tourists pick the hottest month of the year to come to DC? Put the cheeseburger down! YES, you will have to walk everywhere. YES, you should have started training for this before you left Ohio, or Missouri, or whatever small midwestern town you came from. And lest I for get WALK LEFT, STAND RIGHT. wow, i feel better.

6/21/2007 - 10:03 am

Staffers in Congress hate tourists, in case you haven't noticed.

(More meaty Congressional goodness can be found beyond the break.)
Senate staffers: Please tell your members to vote in favor
of the immigration bill….so these ignorant [f**kers] will stop calling us!!!!

6/21/2007 - 9:35 am

Too bad the English didn't finish burning Washington to the ground in the War of 1812...

Is anyone else alarmed by the amount of email comming in on the CAFE standard??? There seems to be a large number of [f**ktards] who actually want the standard kept where it is. What the cock is this [s**t]. How quickly we forget 9/11, Afghanistan, and oh... IRAQ!

35 mpg by 2020!!!! TWENTY F**KING TWENTY. Half of those jacka**es sending emails won't even be alive. And really, how much oil is going to be left by then? Someone plow down Senator Bond with Hummer.

6/21/2007 - 9:27 am

I would, but I've been told that Hummers are too destructive to the environment...

From the AP...only a matter of time before the Religious right tries to use this to buttress their argument about the dangers of sex... COLUMBIA, S.C. — Police on Wednesday were investigating how a naked couple fell 50 feet from the roof of a downtown office building to their deaths. The bodies were found on the road by a passing cabdriver around 5 a.m. Wednesday.Clothing was discovered on the roof, leading authorities to suspect the man and woman, in their early 20s, may have been having sex. Their identities were not released."It's too early to rule out anything," Columbia police Sgt. Florence McCants said, but McCants said a preliminary investigation didn't show any sign of foul play.

6/20/2007 - 4:58 pm

The Religious Right is always a timely target for your rage. It's not like we have any real enemies or anything, you idiot.

What do people think about making English the official language? Cualquier persona que gastado en cualquier momento fuera de los estados -- o los estados rojos para esa materia -- sepa el mundo es un lugar grande, pero americanos hablará siempre inglés. [Translation, courtesy Google: What do people think about making official English the language? Any spent person who at any time outside the states -- or the red states for that matter -- the world knows is a great place, but American it will speak always English.]

6/20/2007 - 10:47 am

We get it, you tool. We Red Staters are an ignorant bunch of bumf**ks.

Update: Eagle-eyed reader Jim M. has discovered that the Spanglish used in the above citation is itself a machine-generated translation. Now I don't feel so bad for forgetting my 3 years of high school Spanish, since the staffer in question is equally as retarded. (And hypocritical as heck, considering he's chastising Americans for "no habla espanoling.")

'Course, I took Spanish Spanish in school, which is quite different than that totally awful dialect they use in "Undocumented America." Anyway, here's the meat of Jim's e-mail:

First of all, it's "ha gastado" which is probably the reason that Google got it wrong. Second, I think it would be "cualquiera persona". Third, I think "en cualquier momento" is an odd translation for "any time", perhaps "algo tiempo"? The rest smells like some other search engine translation: "for that matter" is not "para esa materia", it's "en realidad".

You'd think someone showing off their supposed skills would present a better command of the language <shrug>.

Of course, keep in mind that I'm a retard when it comes to speaking "the Spanish," so take the above with as much salt as you feel is necessary.

No kidding. The pro:con ratio of calls [related to the Immigration bill] is probably 1:19 here. That's because the people who are "for" it are busy working and not calling Senate offices.

6/19/2007 - 3:06 pm

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Or maybe, they aren't legally allowed to vote?

letters, letters, letters--lets raise stamp prices to 5 bucks a pop--that'll stop people from writing to their reps!

6/19/2007 - 9:50 am

Do I need to remind you who Congress works for, moron?

Is it just me or has the hill gotten a lot uglier since the Democrats took control?

Absolutely right. We need to keep our nation's Capitol prettyand wholesome. And I believe I speak for many of our repbulican colleagues when I say, "too many black people around here too." I just wish there were some way to round up all the ugly people and blacks and gays and put them in some kind of camp. You know, keep their populations "concentrated."

6/18/2007 - 10:32 pm

Insinuating that REPUBLICANS ARE RACISTS? You seriously need to work on some new material...


Insulting Republican women for being... conservative? Never heard THAT one before.

God bless Dennis Kucinich. I'm glad someone has the balls to go down to the House floor and defend the much maligned and misunderstood President of Iran, whatever his name is. Good peeps defending the honor of other good peeps. That's what it's all about.

6/18/2007 - 4:42 pm

"Thank you for finally standing up for me!"

Personally, I'm hoping that was "sarcasm."

great. more immigration debate. just what i need: 200 calls a day from raving lunatics.

6/18/2007 - 11:54 am

Aww, shucks! Thanks for the Insty link, Glenn!



#1 (v.2) 21-Jun-2007
AMERICA'S POLITICAL CLASS faces a crisis of confidence. Mark Tapscott comments on the latest plummeting polls: Consider the latest Gallup Poll, which finds only 14 percent of the American people have "a great deal of" confidence in Congress or "quite...
#2 Bill 21-Jun-2007
Time for the pitchforks yet?
#3 Rampaige 21-Jun-2007
I've got the flames!
#4 Neshobanakni 21-Jun-2007
Reading this website causes blindness - worst design ever.
#5 jerry 21-Jun-2007
Time to share these emails publicly with the names of the staffers and the elected officials that they work for, inviting the age-old questions:

- why do you hire hateful, illiterate people?

- why do your staffers think so little of the people who vote in this country?
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jun-2007

Sorry about that. I'm normally more of a photo-blogger, which the dark look works better for. I do have an RSS feed, though... Hint hint. :)

#7 Liberal in DC 21-Jun-2007
I hate to break it to you kids, but the tourist that show up in DC in the summer by and large are:
accompanied by wailing, annoying, children;
missed that whole map reading unit in fourth grade;
don't know the rules for using the escalator;
making it more likely that I'll miss the last commuter train back home at night.
If this reveaing peek into a staffer message board makes it less likely that you'll pay a visit to the Nation's Capitol this summer, well, this post was truly a great service to DC commuters and residents.
Well done sir.
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jun-2007

You do a fantastic job of illustrating your utterly elitist attitude.

For the record, I live here in DC, too. For a year and a half, I rode Metro to work, and I thought all of the tourists were [i]very[/i] nice additions to the commute, and was [i]honoured[/i] to think that they would take so much time out of their lives to come and learn more about our nation's history.

Obviously, you don't care about that kinda stuff. But then again, you're the one here who's forgotten who DC [i]works[/i] for.

#9 BGates 21-Jun-2007
Ill-mannered DC liberal (but I repeat myself) - if you want those people to go home, why don't you try telling them of their flaws to their faces instead of posting anonymous, poorly written (tourists "are don't know the rules?") complaints they will never see?
#10 forest 21-Jun-2007
It's OK to be bigoted against rural people - they teach it at college - especially the fancy ones that most of these capitol hill brats come from.

I hope these elitist jerks keep it up. The next presidential election will likely be decided by us fat ignorant hillbilly rubes in places like Missouri, Ohio and the "conservative T" of Pennsylvania.
#11 JorgXMcKie 21-Jun-2007
You know, it's a constant amazement that these asshats are so full of the wonder that is theirownselves that they can't see how truly awful they are. I suspect that they totally reflect the elected representatives they work for.
#12 Diggs 21-Jun-2007
If DC staffers resent sitting next to fat tourists on the Metro, then they need to understand how much we "tourists" resent having to pay the fat salaries of effete staffers sitting on their ass in a congressional office.
#13 brett 21-Jun-2007
Actually, the design is great- nice work.

Now what we need is some IP addresses for these posts so that we can figure out whose staffers these are -- and embarrass the hell out of their bosses.
#14 steveegg 21-Jun-2007
It truly is amazing just what these Gorons think of those that pay their salaries.
#15 Maggie's Farm 21-Jun-2007
Take a minute and let them know your thoughts about illegal immigration and the bill which is back before the Senate this week. Phone - don't email or write.Phone info here.Addendum: Just heard Sean Hannity interview Trent Lott on the radio. Lott was unco
#16 Kris 21-Jun-2007
To Jerry - I always told my children that people who are hateful, and consider themselves so much better than others, probably learned that at home. More alarming is that it may have been reinforced by their boss - a member of the Congress. Do our elected officials view us with such disdain? I guess I am naive, but in my opinion, these e-mails are shocking.
#17 Ethylene 21-Jun-2007
These post by staff members reveal the true shortcomings of our educational system Do they teach spelling any longer? They also show the disrespect of others, especially elders, as well as congress and our entire system. Their attitudes reflect those of their parents, and the congressmen that they work with. If these post represent our future, God help us all!
#18 keepitreal 22-Jun-2007
Gee, oh Great Liberal Staffer, may we all bow down in homage to your superiority. We are simply the fat and ugly rubes who pay millions in taxes each year so that you may have a cheap and easy ride to your high-powered job and may sit there on that tax-funded subway seat feeling superior to us (and I bet you have never once thought of giving your seat to an elderly person or a woman with a baby - that requires manners, which are only taught by the fat smelly people in middle America).

Once in a while we, the simpletons from those horribly unsophisticated places, do come and use those subways we work hard to pay for.

Perhaps the taxpayer would serve you better to buy you and your colleagues a wonderful island somewhere with beautiful hip lofts, the best restaurants and the trendiest gyms, where you can sit all day discussing your intellectual superiority and physical beauty with each other, never to have to see or hear from your inferiors again. (Of course, if you promise never to leave that island or deal with constituents or legislative matters again, it might be well worth our tax dollars.)
#19 Thomas 22-Jun-2007
Want to get through no fuss no muss....

it's in Spanish
when the Spanish starts enter 1 the 1 for your senior senator (the computer automatically sends the call the the Hill office based on your caller ID

then call back for your junior senator by entering 2 then 1....

I have called an gotten through on 4 different occasions in 2 rings or less.....
#20 Peggy Uppiano 22-Jun-2007
I'd like to know which staffers these comments came from and which senators they work for. If my husband wrote that kind of crap on his work computer, they'd fire his ass. Who do these people think pays their damned salaries?
#21 Mary 23-Jun-2007
No one ever said you had to have brains or manners to work for the government. Look at Jorge Boosh!!!
And Ted Kennedy's brain was pickled from booze years ago.
And can ANY person in the congress claim to have a brain when they are willing to sell their country down the river to mexico? (And that small "m" in mexico was deliberate.)
Congressional staffers are pathetic. They THINK they are elite, but then, they are brainless also. So what can one expect from them?
By the staffers, I am overweight! I broke my back in 2001 and have not been able to walk since then. BUT, I still have my brain, which apparently works better then yours!
#22 Eric Herble 23-Jun-2007
These emails just prove that this country is sinking faster than Teddy Kennedy's Oldsmobile in the Chappaquiddick.
I wonder how many of these senators can even spell Chappaquiddick.
#23 Neshobanakni 23-Jun-2007
Sorry about the design complaint - my eyes aren't what they used to be.

This month I was one of those fat tourists in our nation's Capitol. Being able to get around on foot, as is possible in cities, would likely put me in better shape. It's a little tougher in the country; no sidewalks. That said, How could any nation allow all the beggars and madmen to harass everyone on the street? A beautiful place to look at and a horrible place to visit. It makes me ashamed.
#24 RC2 25-Jun-2007
I am that rare creature actually born and reared in Washington, DC. I simply note that most if not all staffers are not from Washington --usually they're from the states their bosses represent.

We natives are pleased when people visit; your touro-dollars fuel our businesses so we can feed our kids. Please come; and if you're heavy, start your diet after you return so you can enjoy our restaurants.

Do stand to the right on the Metro, though, please. Observe it as you would other quaint and colorful customs in the places you tour.
#25 Billy Dixon of Adobe Walls 26-Jun-2007
Liberal in DC - glad to know that it's not just the staffers that are... well we won't go calling people names.

Since you elitists can't hide your disdain for those you believe beneath you, I'll be sure to look for the upturned nose, the snide glances, the defensive body language. Then I'll have to sit down next to you with my well mannered 10 year old, and have him pull my finger. While you are gagging in my splendorous putrescence, I'll pull out my oversized map of DC and spread it out on my lap (and probably a bit of yours as well), and ask my well mannered 9 year old to help me read the map so I can find the nearest escalator. Then, we will all just have to stand on the left AND the right side, just to tick you off. And maybe we'll make another visit next year too after we gain some weight and adopt a non-English speaking three year old complete with acid stomach - can't let you down now, can we? After all, there is SO much to see and do in MY nation's capital.

Why don't you come visit us in the smelly suburbs of Chicago. Some crackhead can relieve you of some of your cash on the CTA - that should reaffirm your pride in the mess you clowns have made of this country in DC.

Maybe you should just move to somewhere where there are no people that mess with your anal retentive rules of how things are supposed to be.
#26 American 26-Jun-2007
I think RageBoy needs a woman in his life.
#27 MJTDC 09-Jul-2007
Okay is it just me or aren't the Hill staffers are the most annoying Metro riders around - as they often VERY loudly and pointedly discuss whatever mindless work they accomplished on behalf of their (mindless) Congressman in support of something or other blah blah blah in order that the rest of us NOT HILL STAFFERS are properly awed and amazed by the key role they play in the world. Honestly I find them approximately 2 zquillion times more irritating than the tourists, who though sometimes unsure of how to use the Metro (forgivable), are here, are spending money, and are most likely learning something in the process.
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