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Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup

The Results Are In!

The results have been judged by Rage Boy himself! You can read all about the results over here!

Wow, it's also good to see the insane wing of the blogosphere check in on this story. It's nice to see such intelligent people so eager to put all of their faith in a religion that "understands" women's rights so well. Oh wait, I meant "womyn's" rights.

I will add this: The American left's tendency to shoe-horn every last issue into absurd questions of "oppression" politics is doing more to harm the worldwide debate on terrorism than anything. Stop deluding yourselves: The world does not revolve solely around the notion that one has somehow been "oppressed." There really are bad guys out there who wish to do you harm:—Sinking into denial and self-blame is no way to respond.

With a face like this, who would've expected that the world's Photoshop experts would have all jumped in at once with their master craftiness. I'll be rounding up Rage Boy parodies here when I find them. Feel free to send them to me as well - just put the URL into my little comments doohickey here, and I'll post your parody here ASAP!

Here's my #1 so far. Let's see how long it takes for it to be knocked off by another one!

(Source: AR15)

There's much more parody goodness following the fold! And if you recognise one of these as yours, be sure to sound off in the comments!
(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: AR15)

(Source: FreeRepublic)

(Source: dead@FR)

(Source: Six Meat Buffet)

Update 28-Jun: I'm out of town at the moment, so I'm still getting caught up on all of your Rage Boy Fanmail. Here are a couple of brief submissions until I can get to the rest of y'all!

Courtesy HelloKutty.

I'm still sorting through my e-mail, but the internet connection where I am is somewhat spotty. If you don't see your submission show up, be sure to send me a little reminder, and I'll post it as soon as I get back online!

Until later, hope y'all stay well!

Update: I'm starting to get some of the graphics y'all sent to me via private e-mail loaded up. If these are duplicated in the comments, my apologies in advance. I'll try to move everything from the comments up here eventually, if it suits ya.

(By Gunars Tabaks)

(Courtesy Greasy Wrench)

(A hearty thanks to xprlt!)

(Thanks to Branden, who is presumably also not Islamic Rage Boy.)

(Courtesy FAPO)

I've barely even scratched the surface here, folks. Sorry for the delay, but y'all really have deluged me over here! More updates will be coming shortly!

Courtesy Stoaty's Weasel, who is apparently moving to England. (Not sure why anyone would want to do that ;) )

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#1 tbone 22-Jun-2007
That last one is absolutely the best! Go METS (or I'll kill you)
#2 forest 22-Jun-2007
I like the Amish one. The Mets fans too.
#3 forest 22-Jun-2007
I think Rage Boy would be a good replacement for Rosie on The View.
#4 donkeyrock 25-Jun-2007
Rage boy only? Alright:

#5 dog opus 26-Jun-2007
Rage on, Islamic Rage Boy, rage on.


#6 Roger Williams 26-Jun-2007
Congratulations, Brian, on Snapped Shot's prominent role in Christopher Hitchens' article about Rage Boy in yesterday's Slate!
#7 MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 26-Jun-2007
Remember this clown?

(Just keeping with the lolterizt theme.)
He’s baaaack!

Tags: Islamic Rage Boy
UPDATE: HA! Islamic Rage Boy parodies!
#8 Anonymous 26-Jun-2007
His face is perfect for a parody of 300. SPARTAAAAAA!

damn I wish I was half-decent at photoshop...
#9 Urban Infidel 27-Jun-2007
Too funny! And congrats on the Hitchens piece in Slate.

Would be interesting to see Islamic Rage Boy as a child. Islamic Rage Baby!
#10 postpolitical 28-Jun-2007

(image: Snapped Shot)
I noticed a handful of incoming links to PP earlier from the IMDb message board. The link in question was our path to Snapped Shot’s hilarious Islamic Rage Boy retrospective.
IMDb poster Alpha Kenny Woun took the photojourn...
#11 Brian Wohlgemuth 29-Jun-2007
Channeling John Belushi....

#12 Kevin 29-Jun-2007
I want to play! Can we just use 'img src' tags?

#13 Kevin 29-Jun-2007
Guess not :( bbcode?

#14 BShears 29-Jun-2007
Fin Fan Foom lives!
#15 Bill S 29-Jun-2007
Fin Fan Rage Boy
#16 Duncan 29-Jun-2007
[attachment=]d: wins.jpg[/attachment]
#17 Tucker Steele 29-Jun-2007
Sorry for the need to use Myspace
#18 Kevin 29-Jun-2007

That was my last cereal entry. Promise.
#19 Kevin 29-Jun-2007

#20 Saint Kansas 29-Jun-2007
#21 Donkeyrock 29-Jun-2007
#22 InfiDale 29-Jun-2007
I really really *really* hope that Islamic Rage Boy knows he's being mocked here and elsewhere. If so, watch out!

(p.s. Love the "no pickles" one!)
#23 The Kid 29-Jun-2007
#24 Drogheda 29-Jun-2007
#25 Donkeyrock 29-Jun-2007
#26 bigredcon 29-Jun-2007

#27 Are We Lumberjacks? 29-Jun-2007
People are having fun with Professional Outrage Boy, so I gave it a shot....
#28 sickboy 29-Jun-2007
#29 sickboy 29-Jun-2007
#30 Piglet 29-Jun-2007
I have a photoshopped image of rageboy for you, but I don't have a URL. Can I just send it to you?
#31 sickboy 29-Jun-2007

#32 Donkeyrock 29-Jun-2007
#33 pBlakeney 29-Jun-2007
I sent this earlier, perhaps not funny enough? who knows...
#34 pBlakeney 29-Jun-2007
#35 Grizzly 29-Jun-2007
I have zero photoshop skills - but if someone can insert the word, BACON!!!, in large bold letters.....
#36 Eric Forhan 29-Jun-2007
#37 lumberjack 30-Jun-2007
I did several... don't want to plaster the board with all of them so go here and take what you like:
#38 Exurban League 30-Jun-2007
Photojournalism blog Snapped Shot is holding a Photoshop parody contest on the newest Internet sensation, Islamic Rage Boy. (For a full discussion/dissection of this serial angry protestor, see Christopher Hitchens' blistering article.) Here's my submission... the Islamic Rage Dispenser: ...
#39 Exurban Jon 30-Jun-2007
Sorry for the double posting... Here's the link:
#40 Exurban+Jon 30-Jun-2007
#41 Kevin 30-Jun-2007
Darn. Eric should win.
#42 FullyAlive76 30-Jun-2007
#43 Junia 30-Jun-2007
How do I send you the rage boy pic I made? I dont' have a webpage.
#44 Junia 30-Jun-2007
never mind, I figured it out.
#45 TikiPundit 30-Jun-2007
#46 Cockatoo 30-Jun-2007
#47 Distwalker 30-Jun-2007
#48 Sgt Bazz 30-Jun-2007
#49 Pajamas Media 30-Jun-2007
There's a Photoshop party going on over at Snapped Shot....
#50 Steve Parker 30-Jun-2007

#51 Dar ul Harb 30-Jun-2007

Islamic Rage Boy At The Big Game
#52 Steve+Parker 30-Jun-2007
#53 ptg 30-Jun-2007
The Rage Boy has been with us for a very long time. From the Rage Archives:
#54 sparker911 30-Jun-2007
#55 LWF 30-Jun-2007
H-O-G-Z-I-L-L-A-L-L-A-H !!!
#56 FullyAlive76 30-Jun-2007
#57 sparker911 30-Jun-2007
Sorry for the repeated attempts. [img][img]
#58 Urban+Infidel 30-Jun-2007
Truly wonderful!
#59 mike 30-Jun-2007
the bush w baby is now my screensaver. outstanding!
#60 FullyAlive76 30-Jun-2007
#61 FullyAlive76 30-Jun-2007
#62 SarahW 30-Jun-2007

Mouth of mysogyny
#63 SarahW 30-Jun-2007
Try that again -
#64 Gegenstimme 30-Jun-2007
In Kaschmir gibt es offensichtlich einen muslimischen Demo-Profi* unter den Ewig-Beleidigten, der bei jedem in der Ummah quersitzenden Pups stets an der Front aller “spontaner” Protestaktionen zu finden ist. Deshalb bekam er im angelsächsis...
#65 Juergen 30-Jun-2007

#66 Ace of Spades HQ 30-Jun-2007
Funny. The Nose On Your Face has a coup of its own -- the Islamic Rage Boy advice column. And more here. He's also selling Islamic Rage Boy t-shirts and knicknacks through Cafe Press....
#67 S. Weasel 30-Jun-2007
You can do images in the comments? If so, here's mine. I hope I remember my BBCode.

#68 Pirate's Cove 30-Jun-2007
You know I am always up for a good photoshopping event. This time, it is Islamic Rage Boy, over at Snapped Shot ( Michelle Malkin)

A threefer! Kinda partial to the last one, since global warming is the cause of everything, including global...
#69 Bob1 30-Jun-2007
"Halp me Jon Karry, I am stuck in Irak!"
#70 sickboy 30-Jun-2007
#71 sickboy 30-Jun-2007
#72 kdb 30-Jun-2007
#73 Randy 30-Jun-2007
How are you guys embedding photos/using HTML in your comments. It doesn't seem to work for me.
#74 Randy 30-Jun-2007
I think I submitted these too late, so I'll just add them in this comment (provided I get this BBCode to work). Enjoy!

#75 Orion 30-Jun-2007
Hmm...I may also have been too late, so I'll add mine in this way - if the BBCode works...It's one that was already done, but I did mine before I saw theirs, so...:-)


#76 discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus 30-Jun-2007
Paging RIP Ford: Islamic Rage Boy Photoshops!
#77 limey kufur 01-Jul-2007


#78 Loki 01-Jul-2007
Heh. Since the Spartan Comedy Gold has already been tapped with Rage Boy...

Here's my entry :D

#79 Tonyr's Blog 01-Jul-2007
This is hilarious. Remember the poster boy for Islamic rage who became famous during the Pope rage? He has recently returned to the streets, but this time with Rushdie rage.
#80 Junia 01-Jul-2007
#81 T J Green 01-Jul-2007

Man, and you thought the Cajun was Ragin'!
#82 Sgt Bazz 01-Jul-2007
Rage Boy Goes Wild

#83 THC 01-Jul-2007
#84 Fapo 01-Jul-2007
I didn't name this blog FAPO for nothing. Inspired by Snapped Shot....
#85 howco 01-Jul-2007
Turns out I posted in the wrong thread so Ill repost it here.

#86 george whyte 01-Jul-2007
lol is this miss rage at his left side,
#87 Paul 02-Jul-2007
#88 Urban Infidel 02-Jul-2007
These just keep getting funnier and funnier! lmaO!
#89 Sgt Bazz 02-Jul-2007
#90 Charlie 03-Jul-2007
My entry
#91 Charlie 03-Jul-2007
img src=""
#92 Gary 03-Jul-2007
#93 BeEtLjOoZ 03-Jul-2007
#94 Malmut 03-Jul-2007
#95 Paul 03-Jul-2007
#96 sickboy 03-Jul-2007
#97 Donkeyrock 03-Jul-2007
#98 Nova 04-Jul-2007
#99 Scott 04-Jul-2007
#100 sickboy 04-Jul-2007

#101 sickboy 04-Jul-2007
#102 sickboy 04-Jul-2007
#103 sickboy 05-Jul-2007
#104 sickboy 05-Jul-2007
oops. Sorry for the double posts.
#105 BrianA 05-Jul-2007
#106 Paul 05-Jul-2007
#107 Kitty 05-Jul-2007
Sorry for the multiple posts. I can't get my photo to post -- oh well.
#108 DeStrammeKabouter 05-Jul-2007
#109 Maggie's Farm 06-Jul-2007
Good clean fun! We already know that those Islamists are fun people with a great sense of humor, and the gift of being mature enough, and emotionally secure enough to laugh at themselves, so our cuz across the pond Theo has a contest. If you have time, gi
#110 BeEtLjOoZ 06-Jul-2007
Hahaha! Cute!
#111 Maggie's Farm 06-Jul-2007

Did someone say Islamic Rage Boy Photoshop contest?
#112 Donkeyrock 06-Jul-2007
I gotta learn to work with GIFs (I wasted my time on Flash)... that last one by DeStrammeKabouter is hilarious.
#113 Dan Lewis 07-Jul-2007
#114 Lance 07-Jul-2007
[strong]Porko-delic Rage Boy[/strong]

[strong]Psycho-delic Rage Boy[/strong]
#115 NewCrusader 08-Jul-2007
#116 Ironic Surrealism II 25-Jul-2007
Brian over at SnappedShot has posted an Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup.

My entry. Fun stuff! I have been laughing and giggling throughout the making of this. A most delightful way to jump start a day off.
Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup @ SnappedShot...
#117 Velvet Hammer 25-Jul-2007
My entry :D

- Velvet Hammer @
Ironic Surrealism II
#118 Myrtus 25-Jul-2007
hahahaaaa this shite is too funny! My fave the piglet one.
#119 Donkeyrock 25-Jul-2007
I'm liking a lot of these. Some good creativity.
#120 Velvet Hammer 26-Jul-2007
Ok, I'll try this again. lol
Forgot to add BB code tags.

#121 NewCrusader 26-Jul-2007
#122 Incognito 26-Jul-2007
Thank you for such a great laugh!!
People are so dang clever.

{still laughing}
#123 Hi Infedelity 27-Jul-2007
These are so hillarious!!! These need to be emailed to the Iranian government!!!
#124 the dissident frogman 27-Jul-2007
It's up to you, either you lose 1 hour 40 of your life watching another cheap anti-American analogy of the Iraq war posturing as a talentless horror movie, or you spend only 1minute 58 on my parody of its opening sequence and move to something more productive before the week is over (the clip is on top, the poster is here).

Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late for this party. Hope there's still some beer left though.
#125 Paul 27-Jul-2007
Wow! That Jihadi Idol one is my favorite. Nice airbrushing job! I thought my Aerosmith picture came out great but this one puts it to shame. LOL!!
#126 New Crusader 01-Aug-2007
#127 NewCrusader 01-Aug-2007
For some reason Jihady Idol is no longer displaying, so I'll repost it.

#128 NewCrusader 01-Aug-2007
Let me try re-upping this one more time. It seems that has deleted my picture. I re-upped it on imageshack. Let's see what happens.

Thanks to Paul by the way for the compliment. I think his Aerosmith is superior though.

#129 NewCrusader 02-Aug-2007
[color=white][b]Jihady Kramer[/b][/color]
#130 sickboy 02-Aug-2007
#131 Talindo 16-Aug-2007
there are other nice rage boys:

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 8 Aug 2007 at 10:04 EDT. Edited for form at current time.][/i]
#132 Raceboy 16-Aug-2007
more nice rage boys in good humoured action:

WARNING: Graphic content at link

[i][Ed.: Originally posted at 8 Aug 2007 at 10:18 EDT. Updated to provide content warning at current time.][/i]
#133 BeelzebuDasHell 31-Aug-2007
Am I too late to join the fun?

Rage Boy visiting Hugo Chavez
#134 BeelzebuDasHell 13-Sep-2007
#135 Ace of Spades HQ 14-Oct-2007
US soldiers burnt Holy Koran, says report (emphasis mine, but it is the headline.) “If the perpetrators do not apologise to Afghanis and to all the Muslims of the world, and if they are not brought to justice and punished...
#136 Michael 18-Dec-2007
That's hilarious!!! ha ha ha...
Hey is it possible to the permission to wear one or two of the pics on a T-Shirt! Because I don't want to steal intellectual property and would like to get some of them on a shirt! How can one proceed on this??

Cheers from Thailand

#137 Abscedere 01-Jul-2008
I love most of these, but for me the Rage Boy Pez dispenser takes the cake so far.

Keep Photoshopping, you guys!
#138 Vinesh 24-Dec-2008
I am dying
I am dying laughing...

Rage boy makes you die without any weapon...

#139 fuck terorist 13-Aug-2009
dont you fuck my savior bitch,,
in the end of day you will know here is chaos for you, in the jahanam hell
#140 Fuck ignorance 10-Nov-2009
Before you make fun of this guy, read about him:
#141 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Nov-2009

I guess Dummy doesn't realize that if it weren't for this article, Shakheel Bhat would have never even [i]had[/i] a Wiki page, does he?

Keep up the "Grade-A Stupid," good sir.

#142 EricX 11-May-2010
Looks like Mullah Omar got captured!!!
Expect more images from our favorite Islamic Rageboy in the coming week!
#143 sickboy 21-May-2010
Hadn't been here in years, realized that my links were broken. Fixed them for posterity.
#144 Pak E. Stan 29-May-2011
#145 Pak E. Stan 29-May-2011
I've got a whole bunch of rageboy stuff I've put up on FreeRepublic through the years. I just downloaded them to this spot so you can check them out:[email protected]/

Some of them are animations so be sure to read the labels to see which ones will move you!
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